[2024] Best Soundproof Door Sweeps (and How to Install Them)

Ever found yourself trying to sleep but noises from outside and in or around the home driving you crazy?

Have you ever felt this way also when you’re at work and noises in the workplace are keeping you from getting any work done?

Before you go pulling out your hair off your head, stick with me as I tell you about an easy and simple fix to this problem.

As you know most doors have a gap under them, sealing this gap can be the answer to your troubles.

“How so”, you ask? 

I took it upon myself to tell you all about how to soundproof a door using door sweeps to block sound.

We are going to take a look at what exactly are soundproof door sweeps, the different types, and how to do a door sweep install.

Best soundproof door sweeps: rubber door seals

  • Fits doors up to 36 inches wide
  • Commercial grade door sweep
  • UL rated

This rubber door seal from M-D Building Products will be able to block out sounds effectively.

In addition to blocking sounds, this door sweep offers protection against dust, pollen, insects among others no matter the season.

It can be used on doors up to 36 inches wide and measures 40.25 x 4.25 x 4.75 inches.

Use it to seal gaps ¾” high between the bottom of the door and the threshold.

For use in both commercial and residential areas, the door sweep is UL rated and safe to use on outer and interior doors.

It features strong commercial-grade materials that stand the test of time even when used in high traffic areas.

In keeping with rubber door seals, it has two parts, the predrilled metal part and the stiff strip of rubber.

It comes with the screws so you have everything to install easily.

Check out the brief installation guide below on how to install this rubber seal door stop.

  • All season protection
  • Weatherproofs and soundproofs 
  • Automatically lifts and lowers

We have yet another door sweep from M_D Building Product but this one comes with a surprising twist.

The twist is that it has a mechanism that automatically lifts the vinyl bottom when the door opens and lowers to create a tight seal when the door is closed.

This makes it ideal to use if your floor is covered in carpet and won’t scratch your wooden floor.

Use this automatic door sweep to weatherproof and soundproof your home.

It can seal gaps up ½ inches high and 36 inches wide.

The overall dimensions of this product are 39.13 x 2.5 x 0.75 inches.

This door sweep consists of two parts, the aluminum metal bit and the vinyl bottom.

It comes with everything you need to install including screws and nails.

However, the installation of this specific product may be a bit trickier than normal rubber door sweeps since it has moving parts.

That being said, if you follow the step-by-step instructions in the manual, you’re good to go.

Best soundproof door sweeps:  draft door stoppers

  • Stops dust and insects
  • Water-resistant microfleece cover
  • Easy to install

Brown’s twin draft door stopper can be used on both doors and windows.

The inner tubes are made up of foam while the outer part is made from water-resistant microfleece.

However, unlike rubber door seals, it is not ideal for soundproofing of your front door but rather for use on interior doors.

This draft door stopper is 36 inches in length and can be cut to fit.

This is possible due to the adjustable hook and loop closure on the microfleece.

Just trim the foam cylinders inside and close the cloth cover and slide it under your door.

The double-sided draft stopper acts as a barrier to block sound waves from entering a room.

It also stops dust, insects, and toxic air from getting into your space.

This stopper insulates your room which helps you to use less energy and reduce your energy costs.

  • Adjustable
  • Double-sided
  • Moves with your door

Maxtid door draft stoppers reduce the amount of noise, cold air, wind, light and smells from entering your room.

This adjustable door stopper covers door gaps up to 1.4 inches and can be used on doors up to 38 inches wide.

The double-sided door block provides double the protection and can block sounds better.

With this door draft stopper, you can open your door easily and have the stopper move with your door.

There is no need to constantly bend over to re-position, no matter your floor type.

The Maxtid door draft stopper is easy to install by just sliding it under your door and can be cut to fit.

What you will find is that it provides an instant solution to drowning out outside noise.

If the foam is creased or bent, use a blowdryer on low heat to remove. 

Enjoy this tough and practical door draft stopper and the quiet it brings to a room.

Best soundproof door sweeps: weather stripping tape

  • Seals entire door
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a door sweep

While these types of weather stripping tape are better used to seal around door frames, they can also be used under doors to seal door gaps.

One of the main reasons people go with this tape under the door is because it is easy to install.

The Kanzzy weather stripping tape is made from silicone and features a strong adhesive with a protective backing.

To install all you do is peel back and stick.

Although the adhesive is strong and holds firmly, it can be easily removed without leaving behind any residue or damaging your door.

This particular weather stripping door kit comes with a door sweep.

The door sweep adds this extra bit to expel outside noise since it is an all in one kit.

Ensure you clean your door before you use the tape, it should be free from dust or oil or else the adhesive won’t hold properly.

What is a soundproofing door sweep?

If you find yourself wondering what exactly is a soundproofing door sweep, then sit back while I explain.

Soundproof door sweeps are usually made from aluminum or some sort of metal and silicone materials that are strong, resilient, and durable.

 They are a cheap and easy way to block the flow of air and sounds.

They are installed at the bottom of doors where there is a gap between the door and floor.

Soundproof door sweeps are fairly easy to install with some featuring a long-lasting silicone seal that remains pliable even when temperatures dip.

Benefits of using sweeps as door noise blockers

So now that you know what a door sweep is, let us now turn to the benefits of using a door sweep as a door noise blocker.

With a door sweep as door noise blocker, you will enjoy:

A Quiet Space

Using sweeps to block sounds will help you to create a quieter space.

As you know sounds travel in the air since door sweeps act as a barrier that blocks airflow.

Blocking airflow restricts sounds as well which in turn leads it to become a soundproofing door sweep.

It will act as a barrier to block sound waves from traveling through the gap at the bottom of the door.

Now you will be able to get your full 8 hours of sleep or get your work done.

In addition to a quiet space, here are other benefits you can enjoy with a soundproof door sweep:

Improved Air Quality

If you are an allergy sufferer, you know how annoying it is when the air quality in a room is less than ideal.

When placed under the front door of your home, it can stop pollen and bugs from entering the home which lessens the chance of you having an allergy flare-up.

On the other hand, when you use them on interior doors, it prevents dust from entering your room.

Lower Utility Costs

Soundproofing door sweeps are energy efficient.

They can help keep a cold room, cold or a hot room, hot by trapping all the air inside and not allowing it to escape under the door gap.

This leads to you using less energy and enjoying the benefit of a reduced energy bill.

To increase these benefits, follow these methods in our how to soundproof interior door post.

Get work done with a door noise blocker.

Types of soundproofing door sweeps

Soundproof door sweeps are generally placed into 2 categories. They are:

Rubber Door Seals

Rubber door seal mainly consists of two parts: the plastic or metal part that goes on the door itself and the rubber strip which hangs from the door and touches the floor.

While some come with solid strips of rubber, others come with a soft rubber gasket or a dense brush.

I will go out on a limb here and say that the door sweep with thick strips of rubber is more effective at blocking out sounds than ones with a rubber gasket or nylon brush.

However, they may drag on the floor when opening and closing the door.

If you check the reviews above you will see that we mentioned a few products that fall into this category to understand them better.

A key point to note is that these rubber door seals may be the hardest to install when compared to draft stoppers.

You will see what we are talking about when you read the “how to install section” of our post. 

Heavy Draft Stoppers

Draft stoppers are stoppers that block draft but can also be used as a door sound blocker.

It looks like a long flat pillow that is filled with heavy filling and placed under doors to block draft from entering a room.

On the other hand, some are u-shaped, filled with foam, and features 2 sides for double the sound blocking properties.

While they are good at blocking draft, they can also double as a soundproofing tool.

You see adding mass, density or anything to a surface helps to stop the transmission of sounds.

Since you are putting this under your door, it will absorb, break up sound waves, and reduce the sounds you hear.

What is best about using this type is that it is easy to install and if you feel like you’re up to it, you can DIY it.

All you need to do is use stuff you have around the house and get crafty.

Simply rolling up a towel can placing it under your door will block out sounds to an extent.

But if you want to take the DIY approach, you can find several DIY tutorials online.

So we now know of the types of soundproofing door sweeps, there is another way to seal the gap under your door and block out sounds.

That way is using:

Weather Stripping Products

Weatherstripping products are usually used around the perimeters of the door to seal gaps.

However, some people have been known to use it under the door as well.

Although they are not technically door sweeps, depending on the size, they can be as effective as door sweeps.

This is because weather stripping tape is a great soundproofing tool.

It is made of the same rubber blend as door sweeps.

How to install each kind of soundproof door sweep

install soundproofing door sweep and sleep well

If you want to know how to soundproof a room, let us jump right into how to install each kind of soundproof door sweep.

We will do a brief installation guide to make it easier for you when installing soundproof door sweeps.

Rubber Door Seals

If you can remember, I had mentioned that this type of door sweep usually consists of two parts. the plastic or metal part will usually come pre-drilled. 

First off, measure the width of your door.

Second, place the pre-drilled metal or plastic bit against the door and mark the holes.

Third, remove and drill holes in the spots you marked.

Fourth, use the screws to attach this part to the door.

Since the holes in the metal bit are already drilled, manufacturers usually include the screws with purchase.

At times you may find that the rubber strip is too long for underneath your door.

If this is the case, you can saw off any extra length to get it to fit properly.

Draft Stoppers

The easiest type of door stopper to install, draft stoppers are a hassle and trouble-free alternative to using rubber seal door sweeps.

These are easily installed by simply sliding it under the door to create a barrier on both sides.

Or placing it against the door if it is a one-sided sweep.

Yes, it is as easy as that.

Due to the use of soft fabric in its construction, they will slide across the floor easier when opening and closing the door.

Weather Stripping Tape

If you do choose to use weather stripping tape, I’ll do a quick run-through of how to install it.

Weatherstripping tape comes in rolls which is why you may have some laying around and want to use it up.

You can cut it to the length you need.

Ensure you measure the width of the door and the length of the gap from the door to the floor.

You will see that the weather stripping tape has a protective backing that covers the adhesive portion of the tape.

Peel back the backing and carefully paste it on the bottom of the door.

Depending on the size of the tape you may have to cut out excess before pasting.

That is why it is essential to measure the space between the door and floor before installing it.

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