Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads [2021]

Washing Machine Anti Vibration Pads reviews

Washing machines are essential in every home. They offer an easy way to wash our clothes and save us lots of time. However, they do make some crazy noises and at some point, even scary ones especially if you do laundry at night to take advantage of cheaper night-time electricity rates  So how do you …

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How to Stop a Squeaky Belt: Quiet Serpentine Belt [2021]

How to Stop a Squeaky Belt man inspecting

Does your engine squeak when you start your vehicle or squeals when you turn the wheel?  If it does, then it means something isn’t right under the hood.  Most modern vehicles used serpentine belts to drive engine accessories like the power steering pump and water pump.  However, the belt can start to make noise if …

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Silent Microwave for a Quiet Kitchen [2021]

Silent Microwave review

Microwaves have become one of the must-have electronic devices in your kitchen today.  They are simple to use, heat your food in just a few minutes and may even cook some foods. However, they are sometimes loud which can be a problem especially if you’re using them at night.  Noise coming from the humming of …

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Best Fan for White Noise to Help you Sleep! [2021]

best fan for white noise review

If you live in a busy area or struggle with loud neighbors, you may be unable to get a peaceful night’s sleep due to the constant noise outside your home.  If this is the case, you can invest in the best fan for white noise.  It has been proven in clinical studies that white noise …

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Best Quiet Portable Air Compressor Reviews [2021]

Best Quiet Portable Air Compressor Reviews

An air compressor can come in handy especially when you’re on the go.  They can be a huge help and time saver when working on a range of projects from working on a construction site to simply inflating your tires.  However, some air compressors are large so it would be impossible to take them around …

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The Quietest Bed Frames That Don’t Squeak [2021]

Quietest Bed Frames review

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your health but sometimes it can be hard to achieve.  Oftentimes you may have to deal with a snoring partner, noisy neighbors and even a noisy bed frame.  While dealing with snoring partners and noisy neighbors is a bit harder to deal with, you can do something …

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How to Make a DIY Soundproof Window Plug

How to Make a DIY Soundproof Window Plug

Windows are a code requirement in most areas. They allow for proper ventilation and natural lighting to fill a room. However, windows are one of the main ports where sounds come into our homes.  For this reason, they should be one of the first things you should insulate if you want to create a quiet …

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Best Quiet Window Fan To Stay Cool [2021]

Best Quiet Window Fan Review

Running your air conditioning all day can get quite expensive during the summer.  This can have you looking for a cheaper solution to tackle those hot summer days and you’re not alone.  As much as 60% of households in the US supplement their current air conditioning with cheaper solutions like using a window fan.  Window …

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How to Soundproof Apartment Ceiling Effectively [2021]

How to Soundproof an Apartment Ceiling

If you live in an apartment complex and your ceiling is someone else’s floor, then enjoying some quiet time can be impossible.  In these cases, footsteps blaring televisions, loud conversations and any other type of ambient noise can disturb your living space.  So how do you rectify this problem?  Since you’re most likely a tenant …

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Best Quiet Treadmill for your Home or Apartment [2021]

best quiet treadmill review

Looking for a way to get your cardio workout in without leaving the comfort of your home?  Treadmills are a great way to do so and they also allow you to work out at a time that is most convenient to you.  They help you improve your heart’s health, lose weight and build muscle strength …

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