Dishwasher Insulation: How to quiet a Dishwasher? [2024]

The home should be a place where you can relax and have some quiet time away from all the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

But sometimes home appliances can start to make noise which disturbs any quiet time you are trying to enjoy.

One of the biggest sources of noise in the home may be your much-loved dishwasher.

Yes, it saves you from doing the dishes but the amount of noise it makes can really put a damper on things.

So is there any way to fix a noisy dishwasher and how do you go about doing so?

In this article, you will find various ways on how to quiet a dishwasher and dishwasher insulation materials.

Other appliances that can be loud are your blender and garbage disposal unit.

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How to quiet a Dishwasher: Step by step guide

Soundproofing your dishwasher is easy.

All you need to do is follow these simple easy steps to guarantee a quieter dishwasher.

1. Turn off the water source

Before you try anything at all, turn off the water source to the dishwasher so, in the event of any hose coming loose, there’ll be no water spewing onto surrounding areas.

This can save your floors and kitchen from any water damage.

2. Turn off the power and unplug the unit

For your safety, your family’s safety, and the overall safety of your home, turn the power off the dishwasher and unplug it from the power source.

3. Unmount the dishwasher from the wooden cabinet

If you haven’t already, it is time to unmount the dishwasher from the wooden cabinet.

Look for screws that keep the dishwasher attached to the counter.

Once you’ve identified all the screws, go ahead and unscrew them.

After you’re finished, you may need some help to unmount the unit from the counter.

4. Remove the front panel of the unit

This step may prove a bit overwhelming if you’re not comfortable or know your way around a screwdriver.

Open the door to the dishwasher and remove the screws along the inside of the door.

After this, carefully close the door and remove the front panel.

5. Discard old dishwasher sound insulation 

If you didn’t make a mistake and discard the insulation that came with your dishwasher then you need to remove the old dishwasher sound insulation blanket.

After a time, insulation will break down due to normal wear and tear.

You may need a pair of pliers to do this to detach the rivets that hold the insulation in place.

This step requires you to be extra careful since you don’t want to damage the rivets because you’ll be reusing them.

6. Prepare the insulation

Measure the length, width, and depth of the front panel.

This is the measurement that can help determine the size of insulation you need.

However, in some instances, you may have to cut the dishwasher insulation blanket replacement to fit.

Once you’re happy that you got all the sizing currently then we can move to the next step.

7. Installing the insulation

Now that you have your new insulation material cut to size, it is time to install it.

You can apply the new insulation to all the parts where you removed the old ones and if there’s space and you want to insulate other parts go ahead and do so.

Attach the new insulation in place using the rivets and a pair of pliers

Place insulation at the rear of the unit to minimize sounds when the dishwasher knocks against the back wall. 

You can cut and place a small strip of insulation to run the horizontal as well as the vertical length of the unit and use a strong adhesive to hold these.

8. Put the unit back together and into place

After adding or replacing all insulation, it is time to put the unit back together and put it back into place.

Re-attach the front panel and slide it back into place.

Reconnect all hoses and plug the unit back into its power source.

Turn on the power and water back on and voila, your dishwasher is ready to do a load quieter than before.

if you run into trouble watch the video below.

Best dishwasher insulation blanket 

dishwasher sound insulation

Simply put, a dishwasher insulation blanket is a type of blanket with soundproofing abilities.

They are not only limited to soundproofing appliances but also work well to soundproof doors, walls, and others.

Let us take a look at some of the best dishwasher blanket you need to quiet your dishwasher.

  • double-needled for strength and longevity.
  • rated at 2400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lightweight and flexible

This ceramic fiber insulation is made by the company Morgan Ceramics.

Morgan Ceramics is a big name in the industry that specializes in high-temperature ceramic fiber materials.

Products coming from this company are famous for their effective performance and longevity.

This insulation blanket is lightweight and flexible and measures 24x 12x 1 inch.

It is rated at 2400 degrees Fahrenheit and can withstand direct flame contact.

Due to its versatility, this ceramic fiber insulation can work for various appliances in the home including your oven.

Working with this insulation is easy since they have included a knife with the purchase.

The CM-Ceramic Ergo Knife is oversized so it fits comfortably in your hands.

The wider grip gives you enough force to cut the material to size so there’s no hassle.

For safety, the knife features a snap-off blade and a safety latch.

On the note of safety, ensure you wear a mask and gloves when unpacking or working with this insulation blanket.

Taking these extra precautions can reduce health-related complications related to handling materials of this sort.

The Morgan Ceramic Insulation blanket comes in a thick 2mm plastic weighing 8 pounds.

It can be held in place with mechanical fasteners like stainless-steel pins or bolts.

Other alternatives include ceramic adhesive or sodium silicate.


  •  rated at 2300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Good flexibility
  • Non-organic binders

The UniTherm Ceramic Fiber Insulation is rated at 2300 degrees Fahrenheit and can work for many applications in the home.

It measures 24” x 60” x 1” and is double-needled to offer improved performance and awesome resistance to fire.

The material is quite easy to handle since it consists of non-brittle compositions which makes it flexible as well.

This means you can use the UniTherm ceramic fiber insulation blanket to insulate your dishwasher cabinet due to the material’s ability to bend and curve and conform to any space.

It works really well around the curved edges of the dishwasher.

The blanket was created using the most modern spinning processes and made up of ceramic bulk fibers.

The spinning process allows the blanket to maintain thickness and density throughout the entire length and width of the unit.


  • Rated a 2300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Moisture resistant
  • Knife included

Measuring 31″ X 24″ X 1″, the HM&FC ceramic fiber insulation blanket comes in 2 density capacities.

The number 8 density, being the highest of the two is the best choice for areas where tension and compression are present.

The number 6 density is the lowest of the two can is great for insulation on shelves or between two plates.

Both these densities work well and stand up to high temperatures.

However, for your dishwasher, the safest choice is the number 8 density which can withstand temperatures up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit without melting.

To provide greater flame resistance and holding power, you can use Colloidal Silica when necessary.

This insulation blanket also comes with a knife that makes cutting the material to size that much easier.


  • 2400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to cut

The AA Plus insulation blanket can withstand constant temperatures of 2400 degrees Fahrenheit.

This blanket is made of non-toxic ceramic fibers that are safe to use everywhere in the home without the risk of harming you or your family.

It comes in a roll measuring 24.5” x 18” x 18” that is very easy to handle

This insulation blanket can be rolled out with trouble and cut with a sharp knife or blade.

It can be molded to fit every nook and cranny to offer you some great insulting properties.


  • Rated at 2300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to mold
  • Versatile

The Ceramfiber Ceramic Fiber blanket measures 24″ X 12″ X 1″ and can be used in various situations where insulation is needed.

It has a rating of 2300 degrees Fahrenheit to provide continuous protection in the event of exposure to high temperatures.

The blanket can be cut with an extra sharp utility knife to ensure you have the proper size to fit your dishwasher.

This ceramic fiber blanket is very adaptable and allows for easy trimming and molding to fit in just about every free space surrounding your dishwasher.

This is because the blanket’s material allows it to be conformed to fit a variety of forms and shapes

How to choose the best dishwasher insulation?

Most dishwashers on the market come with the insulation needed and the insulation is often mistaken for packaging.

This type of insulation is usually made from fiberglass and specifically designed to fit the unit you purchased.

However, if you didn’t realize the importance of this material and threw it out, all is not lost.

While you may not be able to get the perfect insulation for your dishwasher like the one that was specifically built for the unit, you can find a good substitute.

In some cases, you’re better off purchasing a better dishwasher insulation alternative since some dishwasher pre-package insulation is thin.

Whatever the reason, here are a few things to look for when looking to purchase an insulation blanket.


Check to make sure that the insulation blanket is big enough to fit your dishwasher.

Dishwashers are usually built-in so you may find that there isn’t enough room to install an insulation blanket.

To determine if there is room, remove the dishwasher from its position and get to work with your measuring tape to see if there’s any additional space.

Based on those measurements, you’ll be better able to know the size of insulation blanket you need.


Insulation blankets are made from many different materials so understanding these materials and how they function is critical.

The materials can include fiberglass, foam, and felt just to name a few.

You can even find some insulation blankets made from ceramic fiber which is better at insulating against sound, heat, and vibrations.

Why use insulation for dishwashers?

You may have found yourself wondering what exactly and why you need dishwasher insulation.

Insulation for dishwashers serves many purposes and this material should not be removed when installing your unit

Stick with me as I explain the benefits of the insulation that comes with your dishwasher.

Noise reduction

At the top of the benefits of the dishwasher-insulation list is the ability to reduce noise significantly.

Dishwashers can be pretty loud due to the gurgle of the drain, the sound of water spraying, and the hum and buzz of the washing process.

To minimize the amount of sound that escapes the unit, the insulation keeks to muffle those sounds so what you hear is not loud and annoying.

In recent times, manufacturers have been integrating soundproofing technologies in newer models of dishwashers to offer you whisper-quiet options for a quieter home.

Vibration reduction

Insulation can help to reduce vibrations just as advanced motors as well.

However, insulation is more important especially in situations where your dishwasher is installed inside a wooden cabinet.

This is where insulation matters because with insulation between the dishwasher and the cabinet, there’s no room for much vibrations thus reducing and eliminating any rattling sounds.

In a similar fashion, insulation installed in the doors will stop the front of the unit from rattling.


Dishwashers use hot water to clean your dishes so inside your dishwasher is steamy and hot.

Wash cycles can get pretty hot which means that our dishwasher becomes a hot metal unit.

Your wooden cabinet can be exposed to any escaping heat, steam, or water which can lead to mildew and the growth of mold.

With the growth of mold, you’ll end up having to perform some very expensive repairs.

To avoid these problems, insulation is an absolute necessity and acts as a protective layer to keep heat, steam, and water contained inside the dishwasher.

This way your cabinets and floors are safe from any damage.

insulation for dishwasher

What if my dishwasher is still loud?

If your dishwasher is still loud then it means your insulation may not be the problem.

Dishes can knock into each other and create a loud sound when the force of the water hits them.

Try using dishwasher brackets to stop the sounds of the dishes knocking into each other.

Baskets come in various sizes for specific objects and using these can let you have some peace again when the dishes are being done.

On the other hand, if your dishwasher is obnoxiously loud and there’s a banging or grinding sound, then you may have a serious problem.

If this is the case then it could mean that the wash pump motor has gone bad.

In this instance, it is best to purchase a whole new dishwasher instead of trying to fix it which can cost you a fair amount of money.

If you’d like more on soundproofing in the home, here’s an article on how to soundproof a room.

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