PS4 Loud Fan: Why is my PS4 so Loud?

So you turn on your PS4, ready to enjoy a few hours of gaming but as soon as your PS4 starts to power up, it sounds like a jet ready for takeoff.

Now your entire gaming experience is ruined by the noise of the PS4 loud fan. 

Don’t despair since this seems to be a common problem that most owners of the PS4 have experienced.

You can choose to use noise-canceling headphones but it’s not the best solution.

Read more on how do noise cancelling headphones work?.

Quit asking why is my PS4 so loud and implement these tips and tricks on how to fix a PS4 making noise. 

Fool-proof ways to fix PS4 loud fan

Is your PS4 fan loud?

First of all, identify the source of the noise.

A rattling noise indicates a loose part while a whining noise can mean issues with the hardware.

Meanwhile, the fan itself will sound louder if it accumulates too much dust or if the PS4 is overheating. 

cooling fan on PS4 is loud

How to make PS4 quieter without opening it

For ways on how to make PS4 quieter without opening the unit, check below.

1. Place your PS4 in a well-ventilated area

Simply moving your PS4 console to an area with proper ventilation can fix a PS4 loud fan.

Your PS4 console has cooling vents on both sides and at the back.

The sides vents are for the intake of air while the ones at the back are for expelling air.

For this reason, you need to make sure that there is no obstruction close to the unit.

The cooling fan needs as much cooling air as possible to be circulated into the console.

If your PS4 gets heated while you are playing, the fan kicks into high gear.

If your controller gets hot, it puts excess strain on the fan which then works twice as hard resulting in the loud buzzing noise you hear. 

Set aside your console for a little while so it can rest and the noise should quieten.

2. Place your PS4 in a vertical position

Normally, we’d all place our PS4 horizontally but changing its position may help.

Many have found that sometimes placing it vertically can eliminate the noise and overheating problems coming from your console.

Give this method a try since it’s simple and does not require much effort.

3. Use a cooling stand

The cooling fan for the PS4 is located on the bottom of the unit so elevating the unit allows for better airflow.

Leave some space underneath the console so that the fan can relax and quieten.

You can use any object around to elevate your console or you can invest in a cooling stand.

The cooling stand will allow the air expelled from the console to go into the air without hitting the table.

Using a cooling stand will help with overheating and may prolong the life of your unit.

  • Reduces noise as much as 50dB
  • Multi-functional
  • Compatible with all Playstation 4 consoles

This PS4 stand and cooling fan station is the ultimate setup you’ll ever need for your console.

The stand allows you to place your console vertically which helps getting rid of noise and overheating issues.

With this durable cooling stand, you can reduce noise levels by as much as 50dB.

The metal bottom of the stand helps to keep your PS4 loud fan cool and calm especially when you want to game all day or all night.

Not only can this multifunctional stand hold your console but it also comes with a dual controller charger station and 12 game slots.Using the EXT charging port recharges your controller in just 2 hours compared to 4 hours when using USB dongles.

4. Use a Vacuum cleaner 

If you identify the source of the noise and it’s just coming from the fan then it’s an easy fix.

Note that this method is a bit unorthodox and may not be the best as it may cause some damage to your console.

If your PS4 is loud due to dust accumulation then using a vacuum to suck up all the dust through the vent should work.

While this is one of the easiest solutions, a vacuum cleaner with heavy suction can dismantle some of the sensitive inner parts of the unit.

So if you do decide to go this route, be cautious.

5. Use a can of compressed air 

A far better solution to using a vacuum cleaner is to use a can of compressed air.

Spray through all the vents and inputs on your console.

This will remove pet hair and dust or anything else that has accumulated on the PS4 cooling fan and other parts of the console.

Try to do this once a month and you should hear a major difference.

  • Removes dust from hard to reach places
  • Easy to use
  • 100% Ozone safe Bitterant

The Falcon Dust-Off Compressed Gas Duster will get rid of dust, dirt and any other debris accumulated in your PS4 console.

This compressed gas duster is easy to use and takes just a second to set up.

It gives you the same blasting power as larger models but comes in a 3.5 oz can making it compact and great for removing dust on your PS4 fan making noise.

What is more, is the addition of a 100% Ozone safe Bitterant which discourages the inhalation or ingestion of toxic substances.

6.  Fix corrupted system files

Your PS4 loud fan can be a result of corrupted files on your console database.

Corrupted files can cause your fan to work harder to cool down the unit due to running countless functions simultaneously.

This also happens when games are not installed properly which causes high loads to the CPU and that makes the unit overheat.

7. Place your PS4 console on anti-vibration pads

Another quick fix is to place the console on anti-vibration pads to reduce the amount of noise that can be heard.

These rubber pads can change your entire gaming experience and allow you to concentrate on the task at hand.

They allow more air inside the console which makes the fan cool better.

  • Reduce vibrations
  • Self-adhesive
  • Multipack

These Furnimate black rubber feet bumper pads reduce vibrations and prevent scratches on your surfaces.

The self-adhesive back makes them easy to apply, just peel back the protective backing and apply.

The sticky adhesive holds for a long time and the pads can be removed without leaving any residue behind.

The vibration pads are made from soft and eco-friendly polyurethane which is safe for the environment.

This handy variety pack contains large bumper pads measuring 0.8″x 0.3″ and small bumper pads measuring 0.5″x 0.23″.

PS4 making noise with graphic intensive game

How to make PS4 quieter by opening it

If none of the steps above worked, then you will have to open up your PS4 console.

Continue reading for ways on how to make a PS4 quieter by opening the unit.

Opening up your PS4 may void your warranty so try out all of the steps mentioned above before you do this.

If your PS4 is new or within its one year warranty period, send it to Sony or a certified dealer so that they can fix it while keeping your warranty intact.

However, if your PS4 is older and you’re feeling a bit confident, follow these steps on how to make the PS4 quieter by opening the unit.

1.  Locate the screws

The screws can be found at the back of the unit and are covered by the warranty sticker.

You will have to peel back the stickers which void your warranty.

2. Use a T8 or T8 Torx screwdriver 

You will need a special Torx screwdriver to remove the screws.

Grab you a T8 or T8 Torx screwdriver if you want to open up your console.

PS4 screws have a little protrusion in the center and these special screwdrivers have a hollow tip to accommodate the protrusion and loosen the screw.

Use your T8 or T8 Torx screwdriver to remove the 3 lower screws.

Unscrew them counterclockwise and they should come off quite easily.

  • 10-in-one Torx screwdriver set
  • Durable construction
  • Non-skid flexible handles

The Teckman 10 in 1 Torx Screwdriver Set includes all the common Torx bit screwdrivers.

The kit comes with a T3, T4, T5, T6 Torx screwdriver, and T8 TR10 Torx screwdriver.

The tip of the screwdrivers is magnetized so working with and keeping small screws safe is not an issue.

The tips have a little dent in them as well to loosen your PS4 screws that have a little protrusion in the center.

Made from durable S2 steel, hardened with heat treatment, the screwdrivers are bound to stand up and serve you for a long time.

In terms of comfort, the screwdrivers all have non-skid flexible handles that are made from TPR and PP material.

They are easy to grip and comfortable to use.

This repair kit also comes with  2 anti-static and non-magnetic tweezers(1 pointed and 1 curved) and 2 nylon spudgers opening pry tools.

3. Remove the plastic cover at the bottom of the console

After removing all three screws, flip your PS4 upside down.

This gives you a better advantage to remove the plastic cover at the bottom of the console.

Tip it up from the back and slide it forward slightly.

This helps to clear some of the sharp edges and wires on the front of the console.

4. Clean the fan

Once the bottom cover comes off, removing the top bit is fairly easy.

When the top is removed, it will expose the fan clearly which is the source of the noise.

You can use the canned air we mentioned above but be sure to hold the can in an upright position.

Canned air can expel some liquid and damage your PS4 further so ensure you always hold it correctly.

If you aren’t comfortable with using canned air, you can use a soft microfibre towel.

5. Clean out the vents

Clean out any vents that can be seen on the top or bottom cover of the console.

Opening up the unit gives you a chance to clean the vents from inside.

6. Leave the console open

Leave the console open for at least 30 minutes before closing it up again.

This allows any liquid spilled from the compressed air can to dissipate before it causes any damage.

7. Close up your console

Once the 30 minutes period has passed and you’re satisfied that the inside of the console is clean, close it up.

Re-insert the screws and re-attach the bottom cover.

Once your console is fully assembled again, power it on and enjoy a smooth gaming experience. 

To have an entirely quiet and smooth gaming session, use a quiet gaming keyboard and a silent gaming mouse.

Why is my PS4 fan so loud?

Stop constantly asking yourself why is my ps4 fan so loud?

This is a question that pops up in the mind of almost every PS4 owner at some point in time. 

Let us take a look at why your PS4 is loud and hopefully you’ll have a better understanding as to why.

1. Dust

The number one reason for your PS4 loud fan is dust.

Dust is everywhere and impossible to hide from.

Yes, you can clean the outside but dust in the air can also get into your console.

The more dust that accumulates inside the unit, the more noise the PS4 console makes. 

To tackle this issue, you can use a dust cover.

  • Custom designed to fit the Original PlayStation 4
  • Leather textured exterior with a soft fleeced interior
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

The Foamy Lizard PS4 dust cover fits the original PS4.

It should not be used when the console is powered on.

Instead, use it between gaming sessions to block dust from entering the unit.

The dust cover has a leather-textured exterior with a soft fleece interior lining that repels dust, liquids, and dirt.

The back panel is designed in such a way that it allows for protection without removing the cables at the back of the unit.

2. Graphic Intensive Games

Games with awesome graphics are a pleasure to play but can be demanding on your system.

This can cause the CPU to overheat which kicks your PS4 fan into overdrive.

When this happens the fan speeds up and tries its best to coll the unit thus resulting in the annoyingly loud sound you hear.

This also happens if your game isn’t properly installed.

3. The PS4 hard drive

The PS4 hard drive can be another source for the excess noise coming from the console.

This happens when the platters spin as they seek data.

If this happens it may be an early indication of a failing hard drive.

A noisy hard drive is never a good sign and should be looked at immediately.

4. Cooling fans

Cooling fans in your console prevents the unit from overheating when using for long periods.

They can spin too quickly or get covered in dust which then leads to noise.

5. Other parts in the console

Faulty parts or loose screws can also cause the noise that is coming from your console. 

6. Old or broken console

Over time your console gets old, parts may loosen while others simply wear away. 

This could also be a source of the noise that you hear.

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