The #1 Place for Soundproofing How Tos, Reviews and Guides

Look, we get it: Soundproofing is a BORING topic.

It’s not very interesting to have to research how to soundproof things, and it’s even more boring following long, windy and waffling instructions when all you really want is a lovely soundproof music studio or room.

We’re gonna try and make this the best, and also most FUN site about soundproofing you’ll find. Stick around, you’re in for as much of a ride as we can give you considering you’re researching soundproofing.

How to soundproof different things

There seem to be a LOT of reasons people want to soundproof things, and this site aims to help you with each of them.

In general our best soundproofing materials page can help you choose the best materials for just about any soundproofing project.

But, if you have specific needs, the approach and materials you need to soundproof different things can vary MASSIVELY.

Which is why we’ve created in-depth guides for a few different soundproofing applications:

Why was this site made? was created because there just wasn’t enough good information about soundproofing online.

When I wanted to learn how to soundproof a small room I just couldn’t find the right information and ended up spending days researching how to do it.

So I thought I’d put all the information I found into a website to help other people out! Also along the way, I’ve researched other methods, techniques and bought other people on board to produce what you see today, the best soundproofing hub of information in the internet! (We hope!).