Best Quiet Garbage Disposals Reviews [2024]

Garbage disposals are a useful and indispensable tool in any modern kitchen. 

They ensure that food waste is shredded into small pieces that won’t clog your pipes.

However, they can be quite noisy so it’s no surprise that consumers are now looking for the quietest models.

A regular garbage disposal can operate as loud as 80 decibels which is equivalent to the sound of a lawnmower. 

To tackle this noisy situation, manufacturers have implemented quiet technology to give you some of the quietest garbage disposals to eliminate the ruckus.

Today, we will be taking a look at some quiet garbage disposals that you can get in this best quiet garbage disposals reviews guide.

Best quiet garbage disposals reviews

  • Feed Type: continuous
  • RPM Speed: 2600
  • HorsePower: ½

The Waste King Legend Series comes with ½ high-speed motor that is capable of 2600 RPM to prevent jamming.

It features an EZ mount twist and lock design for quick and easy DIY installation as well as maintenance.

The removable splash guard makes the cleaning process so much easier and also helps to retrieve any dropped items.

On the inside, the grinding chamber consists of corrosion-proof polymer and stainless steel components so your unit lasts a long time.

This unit uses a continuous feed and is activated by a wall switch to grind food continuously.

The ½ motor allows the unit to run for shorter periods to reduce footprint and save on your electric bill.

The disposal also comes with a manual reset button that can be used to shut it off if there is an overload or a jam.

Due to its compact and lightweight nature, when installed this unit saves on space so you can have room for storage under the sink.

  • Feed Type: continuous
  • RPM Speed: over 2600
  • HorsePower: ½

The General Electric GFC520N disposal comes with everything you need to install.

This saves you from the troubles of going out and buying every little thing that you could possibly need for the installation process.

It even includes an EZ mount so no need to worry.

Other than installation, this unit features a compact design with a dual-level pre-cutter and a manual reset button for jams or overloads.

This quiet disposal also comes with a splash guard, stainless steel flange, cold-rolled carbon-steel armature material and a galvanized steel turntable.

It makes use of a  ½ HP motor that can run over 2800 RPM.

The powerful grinding system can reduce waste to tiny particles which means that it is safe or a sizable septic tank.

It is made up of stainless steel parts which make this disposal rust and corrosion-proof.

Although quiet on its own, this model was upgraded and now features a sound insulation system that allows it to operate between 30-50dB.


  • Feed Type: continuous
  • RPM Speed: 2600
  • HorsePower: ½

Moen GX50C is an awesome budget-friendly option that is as quiet as premium models.

It is also one of the best options if you live in a small apartment or a place with limited space.

This unit produces a noise level between 50 to 70 decibels, thanks to the integration of sound-shield technology that absorbs most of the sounds created by the motor.

The disposal uses a Vortex permanent magnet motor that is capable of 2600 RPMs for quick and powerful grinding of waste.

Installation is fast and easy with the included universal Xpress mount system that fits your sink perfectly and bolts with a simple twist and lock installation.

This unit includes a built-in 7/8 inch dishwasher hookup, a chrome sink flange and a 1 1/2-inch drain elbow.

The dishwasher hookup allows the disposal to catch debris and dirt when washing the dishes.

You can check out this dishwasher insulation guide if your dishwasher is too loud.


  • Feed Type: continuous
  • RPM Speed: 1725
  • HorsePower: ¾  

The InSinkErator Garbage disposal Badger 5XP uses a ¾ HP Dura-drive induction motor that provides 1725 RPMs.

This allows the unit to provide a dependable grind even when tackling tough food scraps.

The upper and lower bearings are lubricated which means that there’s no friction when in use leading to a quieter operation.

This quiet disposal uses galvanized steel in its construction which makes sure that it will not rust over time.

The best thing about this unit is that it can be used in both meal preparation and cleaning up so there’s less mess for you to deal with.

Installation is a breeze and the unit will not take up a lot of space.

The patented quick lock mount is compatible with all the InSinkErator models so in case you have to change your unit for another, there’s no hassle.

All you do is twist off the existing disposal and twist in the replacement unit.


  • Feed Type: batch feed
  • RPM Speed: 1725
  • HorsePower: ¾  

The last product is the InSinkErator Evolution Essential which is the quietest disposer on the list.

This ultra-quiet garbage disposal features a premium-quality sound insulation system that minimizes the amount of noise coming from its grinding chamber.

The 3-bolt mounting and other connection accessories all help to reduce vibrations to further quiet the machine when in use.

It comes with a ¾ Hp motor and runs at speeds of 1725 RPM.

This unit is a batch feed type and includes a 3-stage grinding process to ensure waste is properly crushed and removed.

It also comes with a LeakGuard liner, Auto-Reverse grinding, and jam sensors.

Although the price is on the expensive side, this product comes with a 7-year warranty so it may just be worth the investment.

Why you should use an ultra quiet garbage disposal

There are many reasons why you should use an ultra-quiet garbage disposal. 

  • Quiet disposals process garbage in short bursts so they do not consume as much electricity as other units saving you a huge amount of money on your energy bill.

They also cut up waste into smaller bits which makes it easier for grinding.

  • Using loud garbage disposal at night can disrupt activities and have an effect on the sleeping habits of both the young and old. 

The sound can trigger severe psychological and bodily conditions that may have long-term effects. 

  • If there’s anyone at home suffering from anxiety, PTSD or terrible migraines then you need a soundproof garbage disposal system. 

It is best to soundproof your entire home as much as possible since noise beyond a certain level can intensify these conditions and make things worse. 

Read this how to soundproof a house for tips and tricks to follow,

How quiet can the most quiet garbage disposal get?

Surprisingly, well-insulated garbage disposals produce sounds ranging from 25 to 45 decibels.

This is lower than the sounds produced when two people are having a normal conversation which is at 60 decibels.. 

The noise produced by the garbage disposal mostly depends on the level of insulation that it has. 

You will find that the premium products will have better insulation than the cheaper ones. 

However, you may find a few budget-friendly choices that do have good insulation. 

 Keep in mind that the sounds coming from your disposer is not just from the motor running and grinding but it can also come from the vibrations it causes on the sink. 

That is why it is important to purchase garbage disposals that fit best with your sink to minimize the risk of vibrations which can increase the level of noise.

Things to look for when buying the quietest garbage disposals

quiet disposal food scraps

When searching for the quietest garbage disposal there are some important factors to keep in mind. 

We’ve outlined some of the most important factors to consider to ensure that you get the quietest garbage disposal that meets your demands. 

The motor capacity 

The first thing to look for is the motor capacity as the performance of any garbage disposal heavily depends on the power supplied by the motor. 

This means that the more rotations per minute(RPM)  the motor has, the more powerful it is. 

You should also take into consideration the frequency of dining and the type of waste you will be disposing of with the garbage disposal 

For example, if you are going to be disposing of hard kitchen scraps, it is recommended to go for a higher horsepower that can grind them into extra small pieces.

This will help to prevent clogged drains which can be quite a headache., 

On the other hand, if the waste is soft, you can opt for a unit with less horsepower since soft waste can be easily crushed. 

The size of your family can also help to determine the horsepower of the motor.

Small families should go for a ½ HP motor and medium-sized families can go for a ¾ HP motor.

Type of feed 

Garbage disposals come in two feed types and can be either a continuous feed type or a batch feed type.

Continuous feed garbage disposals get to work after you press the switch and will not stop until you stop them. 

Batch feed garbage disposals will require you to put the drain stopper in place before you can switch them on. 

If you want something easy and convenient to operate then the continuous feed is your best bet. 

However, if safety is your number one concern then you should get a batch feed garbage disposal. 


if you’re buying a garbage disposal, you want to perform well and not leave you halfway through the process.

Good garbage disposal will be able to shred and grind your waste properly. 

Try to get garbage disposals that have a multi-stage grinding process because they pre-cut the waste into smaller pieces before crushing. 

This type of garbage disposal also helps you to use less energy since they do not require as much power to run as other units. 

Another advantage of multi-stage disposal is that due to the cutting and crushing of waste, you experience fewer clogs than other models. 

Noise levels 

It is important to remember that all machines will produce some level of sounds no matter how quiet it is marketed as. 

Even the most quiet garbage disposal will make some noise.

However, you’ll find garbage disposal systems that are designed with a sound-absorbing mechanism tend to produce low noise levels when in operation. 

Larger garbage disposals will include a sound seal or sound shield mechanism which helps mask the noise produced. 

These mechanisms are designed in such a way that they cage the motor in several layers of some deadening materials so that less noise can escape. 

On the other hand, smaller models have weak motors with a low RPM and may not require some masking mechanisms. 

This is because these motors aren’t that loud, to begin with. 

Other features

Pay attention to the power cords, switches and connections for your garbage disposal.

Be sure to get the right setup so that your disposal can function correctly.

Ideally, you want your garbage disposal to come with a sink flange.

The sink flange connects the disposal to the sink and prevents waste from spewing back out of the hole.

Another important thing to consider is the type of switch you want.

You can choose a flip switch or an air switch.

Flip switches are placed close to the wall mount to facilitate Continuous-Feed disposals.

Meanwhile, air switches are placed on the countertop.

Air switches are much safer because they keep the electric circuitry away from the sink’s water supply thereby reducing the risks of electric shocks.

Last but not least, check to make sure that your unit comes with a power cord.

If not, buying a lengthy power cord may be handy in the event you do need extra length at some point in the future.

How to make your garbage disposal quieter

If you already have a garbage disposal and are looking for ways to make it quieter, then this section is for you.

Sometimes even if you buy quiet garbage disposal, you may find that it is still a bit too loud for you.

This may or may not be because of false advertising by the manufacturer or a faulty product.

Other times, it could be louder than advertised due to problems with its installation as we’ve mentioned before.

If you’re not certain on how to install your disposal, call in the professionals.

In addition to this, here are a few other things to try.

Use spray-on coating on stainless steel sink

spray on coating quietest garbage disposals

When in operation, garbage disposals vibrate and those vibrations can get amplified and multiplied by the surface of a stainless steel sink.

Sinks made from porcelain cast iron tend to be better at absorbing noise.

Some sinks come with a coating that dampens sound and makes the metal less noisy.

However, if you have a stainless steel sink and no coating, you can add your own.

Spray your sink with a stainless steel sink with a spray-on coating which will help to reduce the level of noise coming from the garbage disposal attached to the sink.

Soundproof the upper half of the garbage disposal

You can opt to soundproof the upper half of your unit using sound insulation and sound-dampening materials.

Covering the motor and grinding chamber significantly reduces the number of sounds coming from the disposal.

However, this may be hard for you to do but you can cover the body of the disposal with these soundproof materials.

This will reduce the amount of noise you hear.

Don’t worry too much about the aesthetics as anyone hardly sees the garbage disposal in the kitchen.

Use flexible hoses

Swap out any hose hooked up to your garbage disposal that is not flexible. 

Flexible piping connections will reduce vibrations which in turn create less noise when your disposal is in operation. 

This may not be practical in some situations but if you can, do it asap and be amazed at the difference. 

Buy a new garbage disposal

If you’ve had your unit for years and no matter what you do, it still isn’t quite enough, it’s time to buy a new one.

If you want a unit that makes the least amount of noise, then choose a batch feed unit.

These disposals come with a cover so they will prevent noise from escaping through the inlet.

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