Best Quiet Window Fan To Stay Cool [2024]

Running your air conditioning all day can get quite expensive during the summer. 

This can have you looking for a cheaper solution to tackle those hot summer days and you’re not alone. 

As much as 60% of households in the US supplement their current air conditioning with cheaper solutions like using a window fan. 

Window fans can fit on any window frame, reduce air pollution inside the home and also bring in some fresh air.  

However, the most common problem users experience with window fans is the amount of noise they make. 

This is why it is important to identify and choose the best quiet window fan to use in your home. 

If you are interested in some of the best and quietest window fans on the market then keep reading. 

5 best quiet window fans 

  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Reversible Airflow
  • Work on windows 24 to 37 inches

The Bionaire Window Fan is a silent window fan and one of the most convenient fans to have in your home.

This product includes two fans which help to increase efficiency and improve performance.

It performs both the intake and exhaust functions at the same time.

The two 8.5” fans work quietly while drawing in the fresh air inside and expelling the hot air outside.

That means that the fan can draw in cool air, expel hot air and can even exchange air with the outside.

This window fan comes with an electronic control LCD screen and a LED digital display.

It also comes with a  remote controller that allows you to easily switch between the 3 different speed settings from the comfort of your couch, bed or desk.

This fan is so quiet that it can even be used in your bedroom and you can program the thermostat to turn the fan off and on depending on your preferred comfort levels.

The Bionaire window fan is designed to be used on double-hung, vertical slider and casement windows.

Installation is a breeze since the unit comes fully assembled with an extensive 5-year warranty against defects.


  • 2 whisper-quiet speeds
  • E-Z-Click expander panels
  • Fits windows 25” to 35”

If you’re looking for a window fan that you can use on the floor or a tabletop then the Lasko window fan is a great choice.

The unit comes with easy snap-on feet that allow you to easily move the fan from the window and place it on the floor table or whatever surface you prefer.

It comes with electrically reversible twin fans that have independent motor control that works in three ways.

They allow for intake, exhaust and exchange of air.

Other features include the two whisper-quiet speed settings both of which operate quietly and will not disturb you when resting.

Just like the unit before, the thermostat on this ultra- quiet window fan is also programmable and the fan will turn on and off depending on the preset conditions.

This makes it safe to use especially at night when you’re asleep.

The Lasko Window fan can be used either vertically or horizontally and fits on windows measuring 25” to 35” inches wide and 12” high.

The unit also comes with expandable side panels that ensure you get the best fit possible


  • 50/57/64 dB
  • Storm Guard
  • Fits Windows 27” to 38”

The Air King 9166F is a great option if you’re looking to cool a large room or space.

It can be used in both residential or commercial spaces due to its powerful high-quality motor.

The fan can circulate air at a high velocity and requires little to no maintenance.

This window fan fits windows between 27” and 38” wide and 26.25” high.

You can choose between 3-speed settings using the rotary control located at the front of the unit.

On the lowest setting, the fan is rated at 50 decibels(dB) while on the middle setting it’s rated at 57 dB and its highest is rated at 64 dB.

Keep in mind that the highest setting on this fan can be a bit noisy so it may not be ideal for bedroom use.

The fan is sturdily built and uses durable plastic in its construction while the blades are made of steel to guarantee durability.

You’ll find that you may be required to remove window fans if you need to close the window at any point.

However, the Air-King window fan comes with a Storm guard feature that allows you to close the window behind the fan.

This means that you will not have to dismount the unit if you need to close the window due to bad weather or when securing the house.

Installing this fan is easy since the packaging includes the instructions, sling panels and mounting hardware.


  • 3 quiet speed settings
  • Portable
  • Fits windows 24 to 37”

The Genesis Twin Window Fan Is both compact and portable so you can install it just about anywhere you want.

The portability is the selling point of this fan since it comes with a handle to move it easily from one place to another.

Don’t worry, the handle is well hidden and does not interfere with the functionality of the fan in any way when the fan is mounted onto a window.

This unit comes with three-speed settings including a low, medium and high and even on the highest setting, the fan operates quietly.

The twin fans with independent copper motors can withstand inclement weather conditions.

They also allow you to choose one fan head for intake and the other for exhaust functions simultaneously.

There’s also a built-in thermostat that ranges from 60 to 80 degrees while LED lights on the display make it easy for you to track the temperature setting.

Included with the unit are two removable legs that allow you to use the fan on the floor, tabletop or any surface of your choice.

The Genesis Twin Window Fan can fit windows 24” to 37” and possibly others since it comes with expandable panels that can expand up to as much as 6.5 inches on either side.


  • Water Resistant Motors
  • One-touch thermostat
  • Fits windows 25” to 37”


The Holmes dual blade fan can fit most double-hung and slider windows measuring between 25” to 37”.

Installing the fan onto larger windows using the adjustable extender screen and bonus extender panel makes things so much easier.

The fan’s dual-blade operation allows for both intake, exhaust and exchange of air to allow proper circulation in the entire room.

The blades have independent motors as well which helps to make this process a whole lot easier.

Other than that the motors are also water-resistant and electronically reversible for convenience.

The best thing about this particular unit is that it is more energy-efficient than the others mentioned in this list.

It is the ideal unit for those concerned with the environment since it uses 60% less energy than others in its class.

This means that other than being good for the environment, you can expect a lower energy bill.

The unit comes with two digital comfort settings that you can switch between using the one-touch thermostat and control the fan’s speed flow for optimal airflow on comfort.

Aside from being energy-efficient, this is also one of the most budget-friendly window fans on the market.

But when compared to the other window fans on this list, the Holmes Window Fan operates at a much higher noise level.

Benefits of whisper-quiet window fans

quietest window fan

Aside from its quiet operation, here are some additional benefits of using a whisper-quiet window fan.

The ability to lower energy bills 

Energy bills can get high especially during the hot and humid months of summer. 

Using both your AC and a window fan during that time can help to reduce your bills significantly. 

A great alternative to using your AC system 

You can choose to use super quiet window fans instead of AC systems.

Windows fans are more affordable and using them will result in significant budget cuts. 

It will help to cool the home without all the costs that come with having your AC system running all day long

Circulate fresh air 

your house can trap odors from several different sources and without the proper air circulation, things can get stuffy and may lead to air-related complications.  

Window fans are the perfect thing to ensure the air in your house is being constantly circulated. 

This way any unwanted smells are removed immediately and the quality of air in the home always remains clean and fresh. 

Buying Guide to the quietest window fan

When looking for window fans, the amount of noise the unit produces is an important factor to consider. 

Other than the noise factor, they are a few other things you should take into consideration when purchasing a window fan. 


You want to get a quiet window fan especially if you are looking for a fan to use in your bedroom or office. 

This is because the fan will probably be running for several hours at a time and you do not want a fan that creates too much of a ruckus to disturb your sleep or whilst working. 

Fortunately, recent models of window fans operate at a quiet level so you will not have to worry about them making too much noise. 

Ceilings fans are notorious for making noise after a while, if you need to fix that issue, then read this ceiling fan making noise guide. 


There are two types of window fans you can choose from for your home.

The first type is intake fans and the other is exhaust fans. 

Intake fans bring cold air from the outside into the home while exhaust fans expel stale and hot air outside of the home. 

Be sure to pay close attention and choose the best type that works for your home. 

If you aren’t quite sure then your best bet is to choose a reversible fan that simultaneously works as an intake and exhaust fan.


As we said before if you’re not sure which type of fan to get, go for a reversible fan. 

It will work as both an intake and exhaust fan simultaneously. 

Some of these can be operated automatically or manually but try to purchase one that operates automatically. 

Manual reversibility requires you to remove the fan from the window and flip it around.

Meanwhile, a fan with electrical reversibility allows you to switch the different functions with ease at just the push of a button and if the unit comes with a remote, even better. 


Another important thing that you should consider when purchasing your window fan is its safety features. 

Fan blades are typically an area of concern as you don’t want the blades to unnecessarily fall off or injure anyone 

So, make sure the unit is safe to use around children and pets and has a cover or screen to prevent any injuries. 


The window fan you choose needs to be powerful enough to draw in enough fresh air and expel all the stale air from the room. 

The more power your window fan has, the better it’ll perform to keep the air in your home cool and fresh. 

Ease of use 

You do not want to end up with a window fan that you’ll have to spend countless hours just trying to set up and get it to work.

Go for a unit wit that comes with easy-to-use features so that once it’s out of the box and mounted, you can use it almost immediately. 

Look for units that include different speed settings, a remote controller, multiple blades, and extenders. 

Another thing to pay attention to is how easy it’ll be to clean because you will need to clean the fan from time to time to ensure it’s always performing its best. 


Similar to buying any other appliance for your home, price plays a huge role. 

The price of window fans varies and it’s not always the case where the most expensive fan is the most effective. 

You’ll find that some budget-friendly window fans work great if not better than some of their expensive counterparts. 

Take a pick from our budget-friendly list or do your research and go for the one that best suits your budget. 

After all, one of the reasons you’re using a window fan is to save money so you needn’t go splurging here.


Of course, windows fans are going to be fitted on your windows 

That is why you need to be careful when choosing the size of the fan as it needs to be an almost perfect fit on your window. 

Purchasing one that is too big can lead to many issues such as falling over, etc.

Meanwhile, a too-small window fan will have the same air circulating back and forth. 

However, in this case, sealing the gaps between the fan and the window may help to eliminate the problem with the local circulation. 

In the end, try to get a window fan that’s an almost perfect fit to eliminate any issues.

Installing a window fan 

silent window fan


Where you place your window fan will have a huge impact on how it performs.

Have the unit installed in the coolest area of the home facing the direction of the wind. 


The fan needs to fit snugly into place. 

Take some measurements and make sure the fan is of the right size.

Some fans come with a direct fit while others come with extender panels that you can use to cover any space.

Cut the glass

Mark the glass before cutting and use the appropriate tools to get a clean cut.

Install the fan

You’ll require some knowledge of electrical and wiring work.

Everything you do should comply with the regulations set out by your country.

If you’re unsure, get professional help.

Connect to the power

The final step is to connect the fan to the power by following the manufacturer’s instructions and you’re done.

Bonus Tips:

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