How Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work? [Plus The Top 5 Reviewed]

how do noise canceling headphones work soundproof headphones

Have you ever tried listening to music in public transportation? The noise is so loud that it’s interfering with what you’re trying to listen to. One thing that could help you in such situation are noise canceling headphones. How do noise canceling headphones work, you ask? These gadgets block out the background noise of public …

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How To Soundproof A BATHROOM: 11 Things To Try Today

how to soundproof a bathroom

Bathrooms and toilets are by FAR the trickiest to soundproof, due to several factors. It’s usually their size that’s an issue, so you have to be very creative about the matter. Your bathroom or a toilet can be quite a noisy place, more so if it’s near your living area. It can be somewhat embarrassing …

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Soundproofing Curtains: Do They REALLY Work? Honest Review

best soundproof curtains

Soundproofing curtains have so far been one of the most convenient solutions. They’re relatively affordable and easy to use, which is what makes them as popular. You’ve probably seen a soundproofing curtain in a theater or a recording studio. Perhaps you’ve seen one without realizing it’s not a regular curtain but a soundproofing one. Soundproofing …

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How To Soundproof A Ceiling FAST With Simple Materials

how to soundproof a ceiling

How often you hear noise from the floor above you? Regardless of whether you live in an apartment building or a multi-floor house, you can probably hear the people above you in some way. Anytime there’s someone on the floor above you; you’ll hear footsteps and voices. Though complaining to the people causing the noise …

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How to Soundproof A Dog Crate (From Fireworks And Other Noises)

how to soundproof a dog crate

If your dog is scared of fireworks, it’s a good idea to soundproof its crate. Every dog owner has been through comforting its pet when it’s loud and noisy outside. It happens most during New Year’s since that’s when people use fireworks the most, creating noise for days and nights on end. Dogs aren’t fans …

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How To Soundproof A House Against Noisy Neighbors

soundproof house

Having noisy neighbors can make your day-to-day life quite difficult. If you work for home or are a student, their loud TV or even talking will bother you every day. One of the best ways to fix this issue is by soundproofing. Though it sounds complicated, soundproofing is often quite simple. A few small projects …

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How Does SOUNDPROOFING Work? The Science Behind It

how does soundproofing work

Though there are many beautiful sounds you can hear throughout the day, there’s also unwanted noise. Different sounds can be especially annoying when they appear at the wrong time when you’re trying to sleep, study, or talk on the phone. If there’s an issue with some kind of noise, the best thing to do is …

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How To Soundproof A Car (Or Other Vehicle) From Outside Noise Easily

Soundproofing a car

Although it’s nearly impossible to soundproof your car completely, you can do a few things to reduce the noise significantly, with hardly any money. If you work far away from your home, you probably know the struggle of traffic. So, the outside noises can become really overwhelming when you’re out there waiting for the line …

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How To Soundproof A Window In 2020: Ultimate Guide

how to soundproof a window

If you live in a noisy neighborhood with bars and clubs near your home, you probably struggle with getting anything done. Soundproofing the walls can have minimal effect if you don’t also soundproof the windows. If you work from home or you’re a student, a noisy neighborhood can be a problem. You’ll either struggle to …

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How Does Sound Travel Through Air? Complete Explanation

how does sound travel

It’s hard to imagine the world without any sound since we rely on it so much. It’s the first thing we hear in the morning, whether it’s the birds or your alarm clock. The sound is everything around us – when people talk, when we watch TV or listen to music, etc. It might also …

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