Top Quiet Performance Muffler for your Vehicle [2021]

quiet performance muffler

You’ll find that some vehicles come with a quiet performance muffler installed while others are aftermarket add-ons.  There are many different types of mufflers and as the name suggests, they play an important role in the car’s exhaust system and help to lower engine noise.  Some states in the US have strict rules with regards …

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Toilet Gurgling: How to Fix a Gurgling Toilet [2021]

Toilet Gurgling

It’s normal for your toilet to make some sort of noise when you flush. However, oftentimes it may make sounds that you aren’t too familiar with like gurgling at the end of a flush. Toilet gurgles when flushed can be an indication of air getting out backward because of blockages or several other things. Sometimes …

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Best Quiet Garbage Disposals Reviews [2021]

Best Quiet Garbage Disposals Reviews

Garbage disposals are a useful and indispensable tool in any modern kitchen.  They ensure that food waste is shredded into small pieces that won’t clog your pipes. However, they can be quite noisy so it’s no surprise that consumers are now looking for the quietest models. A regular garbage disposal can operate as loud as …

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Best Quiet Fan for Bedrooms and the entire home! [2021]

quiet fan review

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to stay cool during the hot and humid season? Fans seem to be the number one choice for many. However, some of these units are poorly designed which can lead to them being extremely loud. The constant buzzing, squeaking and constant hum can be annoying especially if you’re …

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How to install DIY under hood insulation [2021]

DIY under hood insulation

After owning a car for a while you will begin to notice that some sounds will start to get louder.  One sound that seems to get louder over time is the sound of the engine.  While it’s perfectly normal to think that there might be something wrong with the engine, oftentimes it may be because …

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How does Acoustic Foam Work?

How does Acoustic Foam Work

If you have a recording studio or home theater, then you know all about dealing with unwanted sounds. Hard surfaces in your studio or theater provide a surface for sound waves to reflect and bounce off of creating echoes and reverberations which can ruin the audio quality. Instead of renting out a professional studio or …

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How to Soundproof a Room from Outside Noise

how to soundproof a room from outside noise

Do you live close to a busy street or in a busy neighborhood?  Is the noise from outside preventing you from relaxing and getting good sleep in your home?  If you are losing your mind and thinking of moving, just read this entire article before you do so. You can try to soundproof your home …

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How to Silence Blender Noise for a Quieter Morning! [2021]

silence blender noise

Blenders are a must-have in every modern household and are a piece of necessary kitchen equipment for those of us who love our morning smoothies, natural juices or fruit yogurts.  Blenders are versatile and so many recipes require you to blend one thing or the other.  However, as with other kitchen equipment blenders do have …

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How to Apply Soundproofing Between Floors [2021]

soundproofing between floors

While soundproofing your home is possible, most people find that soundproofing between existing floors can be difficult.  Those who live in apartment buildings have to deal with either upstairs or downstairs neighbors who can be very loud at times. This can include the neighbor playing their music too loud, having the TV volume on high …

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The Best Quiet Sump Pump on the Market [2021]

Quiet Sump Pump

If your home sits on low land or you live in an area where your basement floods when it rains, a sump pump is a necessary investment. Sump pumps help to keep water away from your crawlspace or basement to prevent flooding. These little gadgets will drain water away from your home through a series …

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