Best Quiet Treadmill for your Home or Apartment [2024]

best quiet treadmill review

Looking for a way to get your cardio workout in without leaving the comfort of your home?  Treadmills are a great way to do so and they also allow you to work out at a time that is most convenient to you.  They help you improve your heart’s health, lose weight and build muscle strength …

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Top Quiet Performance Muffler for your Vehicle [2024]

quiet performance muffler

You’ll find that some vehicles come with a quiet performance muffler installed while others are aftermarket add-ons.  There are many different types of mufflers and as the name suggests, they play an important role in the car’s exhaust system and help to lower engine noise.  Some states in the US have strict rules with regards …

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Best Quiet Garbage Disposals Reviews [2024]

Best Quiet Garbage Disposals Reviews

Garbage disposals are a useful and indispensable tool in any modern kitchen.  They ensure that food waste is shredded into small pieces that won’t clog your pipes. However, they can be quite noisy so it’s no surprise that consumers are now looking for the quietest models. A regular garbage disposal can operate as loud as …

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Best Quiet Fan for Bedrooms and the entire home! [2024]

quiet fan review

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to stay cool during the hot and humid season? Fans seem to be the number one choice for many. However, some of these units are poorly designed which can lead to them being extremely loud. The constant buzzing, squeaking and constant hum can be annoying especially if you’re …

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The Best Quiet Sump Pump on the Market [2024]

Quiet Sump Pump

If your home sits on low land or you live in an area where your basement floods when it rains, a sump pump is a necessary investment. Sump pumps help to keep water away from your crawlspace or basement to prevent flooding. These little gadgets will drain water away from your home through a series …

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Best Silent Wall Clocks To Keep You Sane! [2024]

Best Silent Wall Clocks Review

Is the constant ticking of your analog wall clock driving you insane? Have you ever found yourself trying to sleep or relax but the constant noise from your clock just won’t let you? If yes, then it may be time to replace that noisy wall clock with a more silent alternative. You’ll be glad to …

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Best Quiet Space Heater to Stay Warm and Toasty! [2024]

Best Quiet Space Heater

For those exceptionally cold winter nights and days, a space heater can come in handy. They can cut energy costs since you won’t have to touch your thermostat to turn the heat up in all your rooms. Instead, you can warm up the space you want. However, a space heater can often be loud which …

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Best Quiet Garage Door Openers [2024]

best quiet garage door opener

Don’t you just hate it when someone comes in late and the garage door makes so much noise, it wakes you up? So how do you tackle this problem? One sure way is to use the best quiet garage door opener. If you’re worried if these models work as well as their predecessors, then don’t …

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Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids [2024]

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids

The need to protect our kids comes naturally but sometimes some elements can harm them that we may not be aware of. Protecting our children’s hearing is one of those problems that we may not take as seriously as others. Due to their smaller ear canals and eardrums, children are more sensitive to sounds. Their …

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Best Quiet Mini Fridge for Chilled Beverages Anywhere [2024]

best quiet mini fridge

Adding the best quiet mini fridge in your gaming room, home theater, dorm room or bedroom can change everything. While convenient to get a cold drink without going all the way to the kitchen, if noisy, it can disturb your sleep. Mini fridges aren’t particularly loud but they still create some level of noise that …

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