[2024] The Best Silent Gaming Mouse for Quieter Clicks

silent gaming mouse

If you are constantly distracted by the noise coming from your mouse, you’ll be glad you came across this post. Not only can the sound annoy and distract you but also annoys the people around you. To tackle this problem, grab the best silent gaming mouse from our list that suits your needs. A silent …

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[2024] Best Quiet Gaming Keyboard for Pro Gamers and Beginners

best quiet gaming keyboard

Most gamers prefer to use mechanical keyboards when gaming but these keyboards can be quite noisy.  However, this is not ideal when sharing living spaces. The clickity-clack of the keyboard at a fast pace can create a nuisance to those around you. Instead of having others mad at you for the noise level, invest in …

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[2024] 11 Best Quiet Keyboards for Work or Play!

best quiet keyboard

If you’ve had to share office space with your coworkers, you know how annoying the clacking of keyboards can get. The same goes if you work from home or game quite often. The constant sound of fingers on the keyboard typing away at a fast speed can be distracting. So how do you fix this …

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