What are Decibels? [2024]

what are decibels

We are all subject to some level of noise pollution regardless of where we live. Traffic sounds, noisy neighbors, etc can become a nuisance over time. This will have you looking for soundproofing solutions for your home. However, soundproofing your home from daily noise is no easy task. What makes it even harder is if …

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What is Sound Attenuation? [2024]

sound attenuation soundwave

Soundproofing a space isn’t as easy as you may think. It isn’t just purchasing soundproofing or sound-deadening materials and installing them.  For a successful soundproofing project, you first need to understand how sound works. This will allow you to come up with better soundproofing solutions to tackle the specific issues you’re facing.  Attenuation is one …

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What are Hertz in Sound? [2024]

What are hertz

To understand the science behind soundproofing, you must first understand sound.  Sound can be a wonderful thing especially if it is transformed into melodious music.  However, the beauty and melody of sounds often depend on factors such as when, where and how. Sounds that come into our homes in the form of noise are definitely …

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What is STC rating [2024]

STC rating soundwave

You may want to learn more about STC rating when planning a construction project.   Transmission Class ratings generally pop up in places where we either want to keep sounds in or out like a sound studio or a bedroom above the garage.   People rely on the Sound Transmission Class or as STC rating of a …

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How does Acoustic Foam Work?

How does Acoustic Foam Work

If you have a recording studio or home theater, then you know all about dealing with unwanted sounds. Hard surfaces in your studio or theater provide a surface for sound waves to reflect and bounce off of creating echoes and reverberations which can ruin the audio quality. Instead of renting out a professional studio or …

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Ear Static: Why Do I Hear Static in my Ear?

Ear Static_ Why Do I Hear Static in my Ear_

We’ve all at some point experienced a strange noise in our ears. Sometimes the noise is present after listening to pretty loud music, being in a loud environment, or even when you’re in a silent room. The noise can either sound like static, a ringing, buzzing, thumping, or wheezing noise that no one else can …

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Why Is My Dryer Squeaking and How to Fix it?

Why Is My Dryer Squeaking_

Dryers just like any other household equipment will start to have issues after continuous use. After repetitive use for months, you may hear an unfamiliar squeaking sound coming from your dryer. Sometimes it is easy to ignore this sound but if left untreated the noise can increase in frequency and volume. Furthermore, it can be …

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How Long will a Wheel Bearing Last after it Starts Making Noise?

how long will a wheel bearing last after it starts making noise

Safety is the number one priority when using your car whether you’re alone or transporting loved ones. Sometimes the simplest of things can cause serious and at times fatal damage. It is necessary to perform regular checks on your vehicle. One issue that can cause serious damage is a bad wheel bearing. Wheel bearings usually …

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Soundproofing Spray Foam Insulation: Does it Reduce Noise? [2024]

soundproofing spray foam insulation for noise reduction

When you’re in the lookout for the best ways to soundproof your home, sooner or later you’ll come across soundproofing spray foam insulation.  When considered as a sound dampening alternative, this method usually raises several questions, out of which the main one always is ‘does it actually work?’. The main thing you should know is …

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Quietrock vs Double Drywall: What is the Best Drywall for Soundproofing? [2024]

quietrock vs double drywall

Drywall is one of the most used materials in construction, especially when soundproofing walls, rooms, or an entire house. Of course, there are panels more suitable than others. A very common debate is QuietRock vs. double drywall. Which is better to reduce noise? Although both types of panels offer adequate sound transmission, they’re different in …

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