How to Stop a Squeaky Belt: Quiet Serpentine Belt [2021]

How to Stop a Squeaky Belt man inspecting

Does your engine squeak when you start your vehicle or squeals when you turn the wheel?  If it does, then it means something isn’t right under the hood.  Most modern vehicles used serpentine belts to drive engine accessories like the power steering pump and water pump.  However, the belt can start to make noise if …

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How to Make a DIY Soundproof Window Plug

How to Make a DIY Soundproof Window Plug

Windows are a code requirement in most areas. They allow for proper ventilation and natural lighting to fill a room. However, windows are one of the main ports where sounds come into our homes.  For this reason, they should be one of the first things you should insulate if you want to create a quiet …

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How to Soundproof Apartment Ceiling Effectively [2021]

How to Soundproof an Apartment Ceiling

If you live in an apartment complex and your ceiling is someone else’s floor, then enjoying some quiet time can be impossible.  In these cases, footsteps blaring televisions, loud conversations and any other type of ambient noise can disturb your living space.  So how do you rectify this problem?  Since you’re most likely a tenant …

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Toilet Gurgling: How to Fix a Gurgling Toilet [2021]

Toilet Gurgling

It’s normal for your toilet to make some sort of noise when you flush. However, oftentimes it may make sounds that you aren’t too familiar with like gurgling at the end of a flush. Toilet gurgles when flushed can be an indication of air getting out backward because of blockages or several other things. Sometimes …

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How to install DIY under hood insulation [2021]

DIY under hood insulation

After owning a car for a while you will begin to notice that some sounds will start to get louder.  One sound that seems to get louder over time is the sound of the engine.  While it’s perfectly normal to think that there might be something wrong with the engine, oftentimes it may be because …

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How to Soundproof a Room from Outside Noise

how to soundproof a room from outside noise

Do you live close to a busy street or in a busy neighborhood?  Is the noise from outside preventing you from relaxing and getting good sleep in your home?  If you are losing your mind and thinking of moving, just read this entire article before you do so. You can try to soundproof your home …

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How to Silence Blender Noise for a Quieter Morning! [2021]

silence blender noise

Blenders are a must-have in every modern household and are a piece of necessary kitchen equipment for those of us who love our morning smoothies, natural juices or fruit yogurts.  Blenders are versatile and so many recipes require you to blend one thing or the other.  However, as with other kitchen equipment blenders do have …

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How to Apply Soundproofing Between Floors [2021]

soundproofing between floors

While soundproofing your home is possible, most people find that soundproofing between existing floors can be difficult.  Those who live in apartment buildings have to deal with either upstairs or downstairs neighbors who can be very loud at times. This can include the neighbor playing their music too loud, having the TV volume on high …

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How to Quiet Differential Whine

how to quiet differential whine

Does your car make grinding, howling, or other odd sounds when you accelerate, decelerate, or round a corner? If yes, one possible cause is that your differential is not in proper working condition. Possible causes of differential whine include overloaded when towing or when the differential fluid runs out. If you find that your car …

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How to Fix Squeaky Hardwood Floors from Above and Below!

How to Fix Squeaky Hardwood Floors from Above and Below

Squeaky floors in the home can be quite annoying and even new homes aren’t exempt from this problem. The constant high-pitched noise every time someone walks across the floor will start to bug you and get out of control after a while. Loose floorboards can be blamed for these maddening sounds and even carpeted floors …

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