How to Block Noise from Next Door Neighbors

how to block noise from next door neighbors

There is nothing more annoying than having loud and noisy next-door neighbors. If you have to constantly tell people “I can hear my neighbors through my wall” then you need to solve this issue asap. Moving may be an option but let’s be honest, chances are you will encounter a noisy neighbor no matter where …

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How to Soundproof a Floor [2024]

how to soundproof a floor

Floors are notorious for being the source of noise pollution in a home. Footsteps, falling of objects, the television blaring, dogs barking are all sounds that can easily travel through floors. Even using your treadmill can be too loud and even the best quiet treadmill will make some noise. These noises can distract you from …

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How To Soundproof An Apartment [2024]

How to soundproof an apartment

Outside noises or noisy neighbors got you down? Don’t despair, today, we will take a look at how to soundproof an apartment. Noises come in all forms whether it’s a bustling neighborhood or an annoying neighbor. At times these sounds can distract you from work, disturb your sleep, or be plain annoying. Soundproofing seals all …

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How To Soundproof A Bedroom (8 Best Ways)

How To Soundproof A Bedroom

Today we’re taking a look at 8 awesome ways on how to soundproof a bedroom (which is a bit different than soundproofing a room in general). There are many reasons why you may want soundproof bedrooms in your home even if you have the quietest bed frames or use ear muffs for sleeping. One of …

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How to Hang Acoustic Foam Without Damaging Walls [2024]

how to hang acoustic foam without damaging walls in a room

It is annoying when you are trying to record some music or listening to your tv and the sound quality is horrible in that room.  Sounds bounce off surfaces that can interfere with how sound works.  Mounting acoustic foams help to minimize echos and sound vibrations in that room for a better listening or recording …

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DIY Sound Panels Tutorial [2024]

diy sound panels

Can you hear an echo in some of your rooms? If so, it’s time you apply some acoustic panels. Improving acoustics is a good investment regardless of what precisely are your reasons. If your neighbors are noisy, you could talk to them to see if they want to keep it down. But what if you’re …

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How To Soundproof A Room Cheap & Quick – 7 Steps

How To Soundproof A Room Cheap

If the sounds around you are driving you crazy, you’re not alone. Neighbors above you, cars and trucks outside, loud children in the next room are just some of the stuff we all hear throughout the day. Of course, you might get used to it after a while or try using the best fan for …

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How To Soundproof A BATHROOM: 11 Things To Try Today

how to soundproof a bathroom

Bathrooms and toilets are by FAR the trickiest to soundproof, due to several factors. It’s usually their size that’s an issue, so you have to be very creative about the matter. Your bathroom or a toilet can be quite a noisy place, more so if it’s near your living area. It can be somewhat embarrassing …

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How To Soundproof A Ceiling FAST With Simple Materials

how to soundproof a ceiling

How often you hear noise from the floor above you? Regardless of whether you live in an apartment building or a multi-floor house, you can probably hear the people above you in some way. Anytime there’s someone on the floor above you; you’ll hear footsteps and voices. Though complaining to the people causing the noise …

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How to Soundproof A Dog Crate (From Fireworks And Other Noises)

how to soundproof a dog crate

If your dog is scared of fireworks, it’s a good idea to soundproof its crate. Every dog owner has been through comforting its pet when it’s loud and noisy outside. It happens most during New Year’s since that’s when people use fireworks the most, creating noise for days and nights on end. Dogs aren’t fans …

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