Best Car Insulation for Heat and Sound [2024]

Car insulation review

The inside of your car can be a death trap because of the extreme temperatures it can reach.  It can get extremely heated by your engine’s residual heat.  This can be a good thing when it’s cold but a curse when it’s hot.  Excess heat can also cause physical damage to your vehicle’s components and …

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Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads [2024]

Washing Machine Anti Vibration Pads reviews

Washing machines are essential in every home. They offer an easy way to wash our clothes and save us lots of time. However, they do make some crazy noises and at some point, even scary ones especially if you do laundry at night to take advantage of cheaper night-time electricity rates  So how do you …

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Best Quiet Washing Machine to Make Laundry Time Quieter! [2024]

Best Quiet Washing Machine

Washing machines are an essential tool in almost every home. They keep your clothes clean and they help you avoid the troubles that can arise from going to the laundromat. However, they can be quite noisy which can create issues if you work from home, homeschool your kids, or if you simply like a quiet …

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Home Theater Curtains Review and Buying Guide [2024]

home theater curtains review

Ever tried watching a movie during the day but excessive natural light seeps in and ruins the image on the screen?  Natural light can reflect and create glare and wash out the image completely and make it difficult to get a clear picture on the screen.  One solution to this problem of excessive natural light …

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Best Dynamat Alternative for Cars and Vehicles (DIY Ways Included)

best dynamat alternative

Every one of us has experienced blasting music to hear your favorite song over the sound of the road.  Or, if you’re like me, you have experienced turning up a podcast so loud that there’s a hiss coming from your speakers. The way to solve these problems is to soundproof your car. You can learn …

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[2024] Best Soundproof Door Sweeps (and How to Install Them)

best soundproof door sweeps

Ever found yourself trying to sleep but noises from outside and in or around the home driving you crazy? Have you ever felt this way also when you’re at work and noises in the workplace are keeping you from getting any work done? Before you go pulling out your hair off your head, stick with …

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Best Basement Ceiling Insulation [2024]

Best Basement Ceiling Insulation

Energy costs are a major expense in any household and pose a huge problem. From staying warm in the winter to staying cool in the summer, that energy bill can get pretty high. So how can smart homeowners reduce their energy bill while staying warm or cool depending on the season? The answer will surprise …

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Best Soundproof Room Divider Curtains [2024]

best soundproof room divider curtains

People are constantly on the move every day trying to get through their daily tasks. This creates tons of sounds that can be annoying. This can disturb you when you are trying to get some sleep or if you’re working from home. Additionally, if you share a common space, it’s more than likely that the …

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