Noico vs Dynamat vs Hushmat vs Fatmat: Which is best for car sound deadening?

If you’re looking for the perfect sound deadening mat and wonder who would win in a Noico vs Dynamat vs Hushmat vs Fatmat debate, then this review is just for you. 

Soundproofing mats are very useful if you want to improve the sound within your car while maintaining exterior noise outside.

This is great if you’re looking for ways to soundproof a car, adding to a smooth ride.

When looking for the right mat, you might constantly come across four names: Noico, Dynamat, Hushmat, and FatMat. These are some of the best sound deadening mats you can get for your car, but, which is the best?

This is what we’re about to find out today, so stick around for finding the best mat for our car. 

the noico 80 mil sound deadening mat works for every type of car

Noico 80 mil Review

Let’s take a look at one of the best-reviewed sound deadening mats you can find:

  • Cost effective compared to competitors
  • Self adhesive
  • Butyl-based

When you’re looking for a mat, there are several factors you need to keep in mind to make sure you’re going for the right one.

The first one is the thickness of the mat. How thick the mat is will determine how effective it is when it comes to blocking noise.

A Noico sound-deadening mat like the Noico 80 mil is 0.08 inches thick, which means it is a pretty good and effective thickness against noise.

The Noico 80 mil is also 0.7 pounds per square foot, having a great weight – density relationship for your car.

This particular mat is great in reducing car vibrations, rattling, and improving the sound within your car.

This happens thanks to its butyl-based composition, which is one of the ways to sound deaden a car considering its weight, effectiveness, and price point.

The installation process for the Noico sound deadener mat isn’t too complicated. However, being such a thick type of mat, it can take some time to cut, shape, and install.

All in all, the Noico is a great Dynamat alternative if you’re looking for an effective mat that reduces noise, is easy to install, and is also odor-free thanks to its butyl-based composition.

Dynamat Review

  • Heat resistant
  • No heat application
  • Blocks 3-12 dBs

Dynamat is a go-to sound deadening mat for cars. It’s a butyl-based mat that is very effective in blocking heat and noise thanks to its thickness and composition.

When comparing the Dynamat vs Noico sound deadening mats, the main difference falls in its thickness.

While the Dynamat is a bit thinner than the Noico, both do a great job at keeping noise outside and also handle high temperatures very well.

Dynamat is a thick enough mat for soundproofing in vehicles and also comes in a slightly bigger presentation than the Noico.

This makes it a better choice if you’re looking for larger dimensions, but in reality, both mats are very similar and do a great job.

Dynamat mats can be used in cars and on another surface that requires a heat resistant reduction of vibrations.

One thing Dynamat has going for them is installation. While thinner than the Noico 80 mil, it is still a thick mat, so installation can be a bit of a hassle.

However, the Dynamat includes an installation roller that makes a difference when it comes to application.

Rollers are a great tool for installing sound deadening since they help in adhering the material to the cabin of the vehicle. This is key to getting the best results out of your mat.

Hushmat Review

  • Designed for doors
  • Withstands temperature from -30 to 400 F
  • Easy to use

The first thing you’ll notice about Hushmat is that it is a lot thinner than its competitors.

While Noico and Dynamat are on the thicker and denser side of butyl-based mats, Hushmat delivers a much thinner alternative.

While a key factor in effective noise-reducing mats is thickness, this is somewhat compensated for in the Hushmat with the butyl’s density.

This way, this mat’s sound deadening effectiveness isn’t much different from the previous two choices. However, a thicker mat will always prove a better, longer-lasting alternative for your car.

A major pro about Hushmat is its installation. Being on the thinner side means it is much easier to install inside the cabin of a car, molding into the crooks and corners of doors and footwells.

Nevertheless, the glue on the adhesive side of this mat is known to not last very long, which means the mat might start peeling off in time.

Hushmat handles high temperatures well, but its thinness might end up letting some of the heat in. This is why thickness remains such an important factor in sound deadening mats.

In conclusion, the Hushmat is one of the cheapest options in the market right now, and while it is easier to install than our other two options, it lacks the thickness necessary to make it a perfect sound deadening mat.

FatMat Review

  • Comes with install kit
  • Heat resistant aluminum coating
  • Self adhesive

FatMat is another popular and cheap alternative to brands like Noico and Dynamat.

If we compare FatMat vs Dynamite, we’ll find that the main differences rely on composition and price.

The main difference between the FatMat and the other three alternatives we’ve presented is that this mat is asphalt-based.

While both butyl and asphalt do a great job reducing noise, butyl will always perform better thanks to its heat resistance.

Asphalt, on the other hand, doesn’t handle heat very well. In fact, when asphalt mats are put under high temperatures, the asphalt starts to melt and seep out of the mat.

This not only poses a risk to your car but also means having to deal with the unpleasant smell of asphalt inside your vehicle.

On the bright side, FatMat is not only a very cheap alternative to other brands but is also very easy to install given that it’s thinner than other alternatives.

Another important point to its installation is that the mat comes with a cutting knife and a roller for application.

This makes for an easier installation process, and the end result can be excellent considering it one of the cheaper options you can find.

All in all, the FatMat is a thin, flexible, pliable asphalt sound deadening mat that is easy to install and that does a lot better in cool temperatures.

compare fatmat vs dynamat to find the best and cheapest option

Noico vs Dynamat vs Hushmat vs Fatmat: Which is best?

Now that you’ve seen the most relevant pros and cons of the Noico, the Dynamat, the Hushmat, and the FatMat, let’s see which is the best.

While options like FatMat and Hushmat are on the cheaper side and are super easy to install, this doesn’t guarantee a high effectiveness level. 

This means that the noise reduction might be minimal, the heat resistance is lower, and have a shorter life span in general. 

While these cheaper options tend to do a good job on a first instance, the probability of them lasting for only a few seasons is very high.

This is why Noico and Dynamat remain two of the best in the area. They may be a bit more expensive, but they represent a better investment in the long run.

The performance of both the Dynamat and the Noico are top-notch, so it would be very easy to draw a tie between the two.

However, the real winner here is the Noico 80 mil thanks to its thickness and quality.

While the Dynamat comes in a slightly larger presentation, the Noico has the best performance out of all the alternatives we presented today.

It’s sound dampening technology really makes a difference inside your car, and the way it handles high temperatures means there’s no risk of it losing its adhesive nor its oozing of weird smells.

The quality of the Noico 80 mil and its excellent results are everything you can come to expect from a great sound dampening mat, so if you’re looking for a sign to buy some packs, this is it!

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