The Best Quiet Sump Pump on the Market [2024]

If your home sits on low land or you live in an area where your basement floods when it rains, a sump pump is a necessary investment.

Sump pumps help to keep water away from your crawlspace or basement to prevent flooding.

These little gadgets will drain water away from your home through a series of pipes to a municipal storm drain where it would not cause an issue.

They can come in extra handy in frustrating times and are fairly inexpensive when compared to dealing with a flooded basement every time it rains. 

However, sump pumps can be a bit noisy, and the higher the power, the higher the noise level.

For this reason, we’ll be taking a look at the best quiet sump pump and a few others that you can get to save you the world of trouble with a flooded basement. 

Best quiet sump pump for home use

  • Type: Submersible
  • Horsepower: 1/2
  • Material: Cast iron

The Wayne WSS30VN is one of the quietest sump pumps on the market with its top suction pump design and is fully submersible.

The top suction mode makes it less likely for the debris settled at the bottom of the pit to go inside to clog the pump.

The submersible design makes it more effective in deep standing water when compared to non-submersible pumps.

Not only is it quiet but it also comes with a battery backup system which means that even if the power goes out, the pump will still perform its functions.

The battery runs on a 12V DC connection and can remove as much as 10,000 gallons of water on a single charge.

The Wayne WSS30VN measures 23.5 x 18.25 x 14 inches, weighs around 45 pounds, and works well to keep water away from your home.

The 0.5 horsepower motor is capable of pumping up to 5100 gallons of water per hour at max power.

This makes this particular sump pump ideal for the average home and small industrial setups.

It is constructed from cast iron metal for durability and comes fully assembled for easy installation.

The main pump comes with a float switch that turns on as the water level rises and is good for 1 million cycles.


  • Type: Submersible
  • Horsepower: 3/10
  • Material: Cast iron

Perfect for residential and small commercial sump pits, the Zoeller M63 Mighty-Mate is another quiet sump pump.

This unit is powerful, durable, and best of all creates a low level of sound when it is in operation.

It features a cast-iron build with a base made of thermoplastic material to regulate temperatures so that the unit does not overheat.

It boasts a 3/10 horsepower motor that is powerful enough to discharge 45 gallons a minute and up to an impressive 2700 gallons per hour.

When compared power to sound ratio, this unit holds its own as being one of the quietest.

However, do keep in mind that the depth will have a direct impact on how much water the pump can discharge.

For example, the pump will discharge 1140 gallons per hour at 15ft deep, 2040 gallons at 10 ft, and 2680 gallons at 5ft.

The Zoeller M63 Mighty-Mate weighs just 21 pounds and comes with a 9ft waterproof power cable to reduce the risk of electric shock.


  • Type: Submersible
  • Horsepower: 1/2
  • Material: Thermoplastic

If you require a multipurpose quiet sump pump, the Wayne VIP50 is the one to get.

You can use it to draw water away from your home or pump water out of your boat, lawn, garden, or anywhere that has at least 2-⅝ inches of water.

It features a ½ horsepower motor that is capable of removing 2500 gallons of water per hour.

The unit is extremely lightweight, portable, and easy to operate.

It is very versatile and comes with a ¾ inch adjustable adapter that makes it possible to connect to garden hoses.

The thermoplastic material used in its construction guarantees durability and optimal performance for years to come.

Another feature that is on the plus side is that the machine is sealed so no air or debris will get in to clog the pump.

The Wayne VIP50 works as both an electric and manual sump pump with the ability to turn the switch on/off yourself.

On the other hand, it does feature a float switch that’s adjustable for automatic control.


  • Type: Submersible
  • Horsepower: 1/2
  • Material: Thermoplastic

The Superior Pump 91250 is for those looking for a quiet sump pump on a budget that gets the job done.

This unit is the most budget-friendly option on the market and performs well.

Despite its low price point, this pump ¼ HP motor is capable of lifting out water vertically up to 25 feet.

The motor has split capacitors to give you good winding power to handle itself and water in frustrating situations.

It will pump out 30 gallons of water per minute and allows you to move 1800 gallons per hour.

This sump pump is made from thermoplastic material and other quality components like heavy-duty stainless steel shaft seals and copper motor windings.

It features an intake screen to filter debris and stop them from going through the pump.

What is more, are the multiple discharge hookup options such as hooking it up to a garden hose.

And finally, the Superior Pump 91250 is also CSA certified and UL/CUL listed for safety.


  • Type: Pedestal
  • Horsepower: 1/3
  • Material: thermoplastic and cast iron

The Flotec Pedestal FPPM3600D is the perfect unit for those living in a small apartment or condo.

It comes with a thermoplastic and cast iron construction and works to dispel a few gallons of water occasionally.

The unit is activated by a float switch and its small size allows it to be used in the smallest of spaces.

It features a ⅓ HP motor that is capable of discharging over 3,500 gallons of water per hour at 0ft and over 2,400 gallons per hour at 10ft.

Clogging is prevented thanks to a fine mesh that eliminates the debris in the water.

This Flotec Pedestal FPPM3600D features a 1.25-inch NPT discharge outlet that should work with any standard size discharge plumbing.

Things to consider when purchasing the quietest sump pump

silent sump pump protect your basement

Choosing the right sump pump can sometimes prove to be a difficult task.

If neither of the choices mentioned above suits your needs and you want to do some research on your own, there are a few things to consider. 

Noise levels

Like most machines in and around the home, sump pumps will produce a certain level of sounds with some being louder than others.

The motor size is the main factor when determining the noise levels as big motors will produce more power and noise than smaller motors.

Keep in mind that if you need to pull water out from deep pits, you’ll need a sump pump with a high horsepower motor to pump water from such depths.

On the other, if you need to draw water from shallow depths, a sump pump with a small motor will get the job done and produce less noise. 

Older sump pumps were made up of PVC/plastic which made them noise but newer models use cast-iron material and other housing materials that make them quieter.

However, it’s unlikely that you’d find a dead silent sump pump but the quietest sump pumps produce as little noise as possible to not create too much of a ruckus.

If the noise level is still too high you can implement a few of the methods mentioned in the next section on how to quiet a sump pump.

You can also check out the best quiet garage door opener and the best quiet generators post for other quiet products for your home.


When investing in a sump pump, be sure to pay attention to its build quality.

You want a unit that will last you for a while and will not fail when you need it most.

Pay attention to the durability and sturdiness of the unit as this will give you an insight into its longevity and performance.

The ideal material should be able to protect your unit from rust and decay. 

Thermoplastic sump pumps are constructed from hardened and heat-resistant plastic so they do not rust and decay.

Stainless steel sump pumps are prone to rust but the process is slow.

Cast iron sump pump rusts as well but you can fix that issue by applying an epoxy coating on it which will protect the unit for years.

Do note that the material you choose will have a direct impact on the unit’s price.

Sump Pump Type

There are many types of sump pumps out there and you need to choose the right type for your needs.

The two main types are submersible and pedestal sump pumps.

Submersible sump pumps work underwater which makes them quieter and less accessible.

They are the easiest to operate by collecting water and forcing it down the drainage systems.

On the other hand, pedestal sump pumps have an above-ground motor which makes them noisier.

However, they are portable so they move easily from place to place with ease and require less maintenance.

You have sump pumps with backup systems as well so if the power goes out, they can still do their job of pumping water away from your home.

There are also water-powered sump pumps that work in a similar manner to straw by drawing out water from the top of the pump.

This type clogs often and may require frequent maintenance.

In the end, choose the best type of sump pump for your needs as they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Sump Pump Switch Type

Sump pumps come with three types of switches

First, you have tethered switch sump pumps that tend to last longer than the others.

However, there is a catch since it requires people to dig wider sump pits.

Next is vertical switch pumps which can easily fit into narrow sump pits.

The drawback of this type of switch pump is that its lifespan is relatively short when compared to its tethered counterparts.

Moving on to the final switch type which is electric switches.

These types of switches have no moving parts like the previously mentioned switches and they won’t get stuck while functioning.

But they do have downsides too which include being affected by additional elements in the water.

It will require you to clean the electric probes from time to time to stop that from happening.

How to quiet a sump pump

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In this section, we deal with how to quiet a sump pump.

You may already have a sump pump in place and instead of purchasing a new unit, you’re looking for ways to quiet your noisy sump pump.

Before gathering up some sump pump noise reduction products, you first need to identify and understand the sounds coming from your unit.

Vibration or Clanging

If there’s an excessive amount of vibrations, then it means that the discharge pipe is in contact with the pump basin or maybe a nearby wall.

To fix this problem, use foam insulation to wrap the discharge pipe to prevent it from banging into the basin or wall.

You can also insulate the joint where the discharge pipe meets the flooring as pipes that have direct contact with the floor can also cause excessive vibrations.

Use foam insulation or sound dampening materials to cover the discharge pipe joint and the floor.

Another reason for tons of vibrations can be a result of the pipe striking the inside of the pump.

To fix this problem, you can use rubber grommets to line the underside of the pump lid or cover to reduce both vibrations and motor rattling.

If your discharge pipe contains several joints, it can cause vibrations and clanging sounds.

It is best to have a straight discharge pipe that will allow the water to flow freely and quietly.

Gurgling and Slurping

If you’re hearing gurgling or slurping sounds, try to locate the check valve on your discharge line.

Standard swing valves create a gurgling sound as water flows back down the discharge pipe after the pump cycle is complete.

You can choose to have the swing check valve replaced with a spring-loaded valve that allows for even controlled water flow to eliminate any gurgling sounds.

Slurping sounds can be heard if your spring-loaded valve is an older model, you can upgrade to newer models to stop slurping sounds.

Gurgling sounds can also be heard if your pump dries the basin.

If it does dry the basin, the drainage pump will create a siphon creating the gurgling sound you hear.

It will act as a straw sucking in the air.

To avoid this, leave a few inches of water in the pump so that it does not suck in any air.

Motor Noise

If you are hearing motor noises, then you may need to lubricate it or upgrade to a cast-iron sump pump.

Cast iron sump pumps are self-lubricating to ensure the motor runs as quietly as possible.

Check to see what materials your current sump pump is made from and if it is plastic or PVC, you may have to consider upgrading to a cast iron type.

If you do upgrade, go for a submersible sump pump with its motor sitting below the lip of the sump basin. 

You can try to cover your pump basin with a lid, fitted foam insulation, or plywood if your model is fairly old.

If you choose to use plywood, place it over the basin and secure the plywood to the floor using a rubber gasket to create a seal.

Newer models come enclosed with a plastic cover to reduce the level of sound during operation.

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