Soundproofing Curtains: Do They REALLY Work? Honest Review

Soundproofing curtains have so far been one of the most convenient solutions. They’re relatively affordable and easy to use, which is what makes them as popular.

You’ve probably seen a soundproofing curtain in a theater or a recording studio. Perhaps you’ve seen one without realizing it’s not a regular curtain but a soundproofing one.

Soundproofing curtains are a handy option if you’re dealing with noisy neighbors, or even if you’re the one making noise.

Though they have some limitations, these are a popular choice for most people who live in noisy neighborhoods.

Do soundproofing curtains really work

They do work, but it’s essential you have all your facts straight before you choose to try them as a soundproofing method or material.

People who claim soundproofing curtains don’t work, most probably had a wrong idea about them. The first thing you should remember is that these cannot cancel ALL noise.

If you’re looking to cancel out outside noise completely, you’ll need something more than just a curtain.

So what are soundproofing curtains good for?

Soundproofing curtains are ideal to deaden sounds coming from the outside. They reduce the level of noise that goes out and comes in your house. It’s a perfect product to minimize echo and the overall amount of noise.

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Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a curtain that can completely block out the noise. For this, you’d need a double pane window. They’re just called soundproofing curtains, but a more realistic name would probably be sound-deadening curtains.

How do these curtains work

Most are made of thick and dense layers of sound absorbing fabric. Their efficiency really depends on the manufacturer and materials used for the particular product.

People usually opt for them because they’re easy to use. You just hang them on your windows, and you’re done. Now, there are different models, colors, and designs to choose from depending on the type of room you want to soundproof.

They’ll act as another barrier between the outside and inside. For this reason, the thicker you choose, the better results you’ll have. Still, the type of material you opt for also matters.

To get the best of these curtains, you should pair them with soundproof windows. This is when they really shine and complete the picture. When paired, soundproof windows and curtains block out all the noise, while also reduce echo within the room they’re in.

What to look for when buying soundproofing curtains

Buying these is more than just selecting the design you like. You should pay attention to a few factors in order to get the most out of the curtain.

Things like size, weight, rods, and materials are just a few of the factors you should consider when choosing your next curtains.

Though shopping looks relatively simple in this case, many things can actually go wrong. Of course, the last thing you want is to end up with some curtains that don’t do the purpose for the case you’re dealing with.

Here’s what you should think about:


When we buy regular curtains, we all aim to have them match the overall size of our windows. However, that’s not how you should approach purchasing soundproof curtains.

You want these to be at least about three times wider than windows. Also, make sure that they’re at least 10 inches longer as well. Though this sounds a bit too much, there’s a reason for the extra inches.

Getting a slightly bigger curtain helps maximize its coverage while also improving its abilities to deaden as much noise.

That’s the recommended size, but we do suggest you use your best judgment. If you think you’re dealing with excessive noise, you might want to get curtains that go all the way from ceiling to the floor.

Of course, they don’t have to be as long as for you to step on them, but the longer, the better.


It’s important you always look for extra fibers in your curtains. Often the best option is to get either velvet or suede.

Get some curtains that have either thermaweave, insulated, or thermalayer layers since these have extra fibers that help in sound absorption.

Such layers are also energy-efficient and great for keeping the heat and cold out of your house. Extra liners can be of great help, too. Window, blackout and curtain liners can all work as an extra layer of material between the outdoors and indoors.


In addition to the overall size, the weight is another critical factor to think about. In most cases, the heavier curtains are also more efficient. The added weight plays a vital role in the overall soundproofing abilities of the curtain.

Still, keep in mind that these are a nightmare to put up. Because they’re as heavy, these curtains do a great job at reflecting and absorbing sounds.

If you notice that the noise is still loud, you can try and triple or quadruple the layers. As a result, you’ll get far less noise but make sure to have a heavy-duty rod to support the entire weight.


When looking for rods, consider only the quality and heavy-duty ones. This is something you want to invest in since they have to be able to carry the heavy weight of the curtains. For best results, you should find the wrap-around rods as those also help cancel out the noise.

You can also opt for double rods if you’re dealing with excessive noise. These are the best solution if you’re going to hang multiple layers of material. They help hold the weight and increase the noise protection abilities.

If rods don’t seem like the best option for you, use ceiling mount brackets instead. These hang from the ceiling and provide somewhat better floor-to-ceiling protection. They help cover a larger area which is why most people get them for big windows.

Color and design

Though it’s not as crucial in terms of effectiveness, the color of your curtains has an aesthetic part to play. For soundproofing abilities, it doesn’t matter whether you opt for yellow or black. For your interior décor, it matters quite a bit.

Luckily, these don’t only come in dull black and gray options. Nowadays, the market offers lots of different colors and designs. You don’t have to opt for just one shade. Instead, you can find a design that matches the overall décor of your room.


Unless you have an unlimited budget, the price is something you’ll have to consider somewhere along the way. As always, more quality products tend to cost a bit more.

However, you really do get what you pay for with these curtains. They are considered reasonably affordable, but that still depends on many factors. The curtains that are pricier are usually also heavier, made of denser materials and are probably bigger in size.

Smaller models typically don’t cost as much, but they also might not be as thick.

Use your best judgment and figure out what price you’re okay with. Luckily, the times have changed, and now you can find great, heavy-duty curtains at different prices that suit your budget.

Possible limitations

People often think that soundproofing curtains can actually soundproof their room (or part of their room in the case of soundproof room divider curtains). With all right though since their name is slightly misleading. However, without the right information, you’ll be disappointed.

As long as you remember that these are merely a sound barrier, you’ll probably be happy with them. They cannot block all the sounds though they can reduce them.

Their performance greatly depends on the kind you pick out. Opting for thicker, larger and heavier curtains is always the best idea if you’re looking for best results.

The main limitation is that they aren’t actually soundproof. They’ll deaden the noise, and if it wasn’t as loud in the first place, you might not hear it afterward.

However, you’ll still hear machines outside your house, cars and your neighbors chatting. The level of those sounds will be reduced though, so they won’t bother you as much.

Another thing some consider a setback is the installation process. Getting these up is a bit tricky, and it’s unlikely you can do it alone. You can get professionals to do it for you or simply a friend that’s willing to do some heavy lifting.

Maintenance is also something most people fear when it comes to soundproofing curtains. The thing is, you can’t clean them the same way you would clean regular curtains. Simply, these are bigger and heavier so it would be too much to take them off each time.

For this reason, many people recommend getting a steam cleaner. It would help keep your curtains clean and wrinkle-free while it’s also easy to use.

NICETOWN soundproof curtains

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are soundproofing curtains?

Soundproofing curtains are suitable for all windows and rooms as long as you’re happy with how they look. The thing is that these are usually bulky, heavy and large. Putting them in a small room would probably dominate the area.

They take up significantly more space than just your windows which doesn’t always look nice in a smaller room. Certain colors and designs can make them appear less overpowering, but in general, they do look better in large rooms.

Even if you opt for a smaller size, they’ll appear dominant to the rest of your room because of their overall bulkiness.

Are there any better soundproofing options?

We call these soundproofing curtains although they don’t actually do much regarding soundproofing. They absorb and deaden the sounds, so the excessive noise you used to hear is now reduced.

If you’re looking for something to actually really block out the noise from the outside, you’ll need more than just a curtain.

Windows and doors are quite significant so consider upgrading them. Things like double or even triple pane windows can make all the difference if your neighborhood is noisy. If you have old and shallow doors, it’s also a good idea to upgrade to denser and heavier ones. Adding mass to your walls is also a good soundproofing solution. You can even make a window plug.

Still, all of these methods require some construction which is probably something you’re trying to avoid if you’re renting. Sometimes, landlords don’t care about upgrading the house/flat, so you’re left to deal with the noise on your own.

So, yes, there are better ways to soundproof. However, these curtains are probably the easiest and cost-effective way to reduce the noise level significantly.

Why should I opt for soundproofing curtains?

They’re one of the cheapest options currently on the market. Plus, if you find a matching color or design, a soundproofing curtain can be a great piece of décor at the same time.

They are a great way to deaden the noise coming from the outside. This way, you will no longer hear your neighbors loud chatting, but only quiet mumbling.

Another one of the great benefits is their versatility. You can hang these anywhere you want from your house, the garage, office, etc. Even some construction sites use them, and that tells a lot about their quality and efficiency.

Simply put, you can’t lose anything. You might still hear the noise from the outside, but you’ll for sure hear far less of it. You can find a great soundproof curtain here.