Best Soundproof Wallpaper Reviewed! [2024]

We all have different reasons for wanting a soundproof space. Some want to stop the noises from the outside filtering in and disturbing their quiet time. 

Meanwhile, others want to reduce the chances of someone eavesdropping on their conversations. 

Although there are various ways of soundproofing a room, an increasingly popular option now available is soundproof wallpaper.

Unlike traditional ways of soundproofing a room which can be expensive, soundproof wallpaper is relatively cheaper and easier to install. 

Since it is a fairly new concept, it is safe to say that only a few understand how the wallpaper works and how you can benefit from it.

 Regardless of your soundproofing needs, it is worth taking a look at what this soundproof wallpaper has to offer and decide if it fits your needs.

Keep on reading for an in-depth look at the best soundproof wallpaper on the market today.




5 of the best soundproof wallpaper brands

Get the look of 3-dimensional bricks with these wall stickers that use PE foam material in its construction.

Both stylish and functional, the PE foam is strong and thick enough for soundproofing capabilities yet soft enough to protect if you accidentally bump into the wall.

Consisting of nine layers, this wallpaper has 6 functions.

It is versatile enough to use in just about any room with installation being very simple with the glue backing.

All you need is scissors or a knife and your creative mind for a perfect DIY project.

They come in packs of varying amounts, and not in a long roll, you won’t be buying more than you need.

The YTAT wall stickers are environmentally friendly and safe to use if you have kids or pets.

There are no toxic materials and it also repels water so no need to worry about moisture collecting and creating odors or peeling off the walls.

Yet another 3D wall sticker-type wallpaper but this time featuring a chic crocodile print in a variety of colors.

Along with its ability to reduce noise from both inside and outside, this particular wall sticker also provides awesome insulation.

This makes it perfect for use all year round as it keeps rooms warm in the winter and cools in the summer.

The PE multiple layer foam material is easy to install, clean, and mold to your needs.

Ensure your walls are cleaned leaving them dust-free before you attempt to stick to the wall.

Due to the elastic nature of the panels, you can stretch it to hide any imperfections should you have some issues when installing.

Furthermore, the waterproofing function can give the product a lifetime of up to 10 years.

All you need to do to extend the life of the product is to avoid keeping it in a steamy environment for long periods.

Apply this lightweight 3D bubble wall sticker on a clean smooth surface in mere seconds with no confusion.

The self-adhesive design means there is little to no mess and no need for any glue, grout, or special tools as well.

Simply measure, cut, stick, and voila you’re done.

The soft high-elastic foam is not only soundproof but also waterproof, non-toxic, and anti-collision.

Apart from that it also offers some protection from the cold with an insulation layer.

The surface material is a POE film which makes it water and wear-resistant.

This helps to maintain a safe and healthy environment in the home.

Place these stylish wall stickers in any room in the home where you need some peace.

That being said, these are not recommended for use in an environment where fire protection is needed.

This large dimension wall decor features a ⅓ thick PE eco-friendly material with no harmful chemicals.

The best soundproofing wallpaper for bedrooms offers a significant amount of noise reduction and is one of the most recommended options on the market.

Available in packs of 10,20, 30,40,80, they are easy to cut and install to fit in corners and around edges.

Cut, peel the backing and apply to your wall for a sleek, stylish, and yet functional design.

These durable brick effect wallpaper are easy to clean and easy to maintain.

In the event, you want to remove the wallpaper, use a hairdryer to weaken the adhesive on the back.

Just the same, you can use chemical wallpaper strippers purchased from the paint or home improvement store.

If you have kids in the home who love to draw on the wall, these provide a protective barrier to save those walls.

However, if they draw on the wallpaper, you can easily erase the drawings without fuss.

The wallpaper also protects kids from dings and scratches if they come in contact with the wall.

Spruce up your rooms and create a rustic look in your living space with the faux wood foam panels.

These wood panels are the ecological way to get that wood finish without actually using real wood.

The panels are 3 dimensional to add that depth and definition to give your wall a realistic look of wood.

The panels are light and easy to work with since you don’t need glue or any special hardware.

Suitable for small and large indoor spaces, you can use as-is or cut to customize.

To install, it is as easy as peeling the backing and pasting to your desired location.

To kick it up a notch, you can add a splash of color to these foam panels.

Use traditional interior latex paint to match the decor in any room.

It is advisable to use 2 or 3 coats of paint on the foam panel to ensure thorough coverage.

What is soundproof wallpaper?

Soundproof wallpaper is not the typical wallpaper that we know. 

They are not made from paper but non-toxic polyethylene foam. 

The multi-layer closed-cell foam has insulation and soundproofing capabilities. 

They are a cheaper alternative to the traditional ways of soundproofing a room (like soundproofing paint).

Their primary function is to block out low to mid-level sound frequencies.

 Installation is fairly easy and can be done by you without the need for any fancy tools. 

You can cut to your desired shape, peel off the backing, and simply stick it on the wall. 

In light of the waterproofing film that coats the wallpaper, they are easy to clean and maintain. 

Get the most out of these products by avoiding exposure to humid conditions for a long time which makes them lose their adhesive ability.

These wallpaper usually comes in some stylish 3D design to reflect the realistic nature of bricks or wood or whichever design you choose. 

This gives your room a great look as well as the ability to drown out the noise. 

How does soundproofing wallpaper work?

Let us first understand how sound works. Sound creates a kind of energy where things vibrate.

 For that energy to move, it travels upward and outward away from its source. 

This energy makes the air all around us vibrate and what we hear are the remnants of those vibrations.

To stop those vibrations from reaching our ears, we need some sort of material to break up, absorb or dampen the vibrations from the sound. 

This would act as a barrier separating you from the sound and reduce the number of vibrations that reach your ear.

They are five main elements that help in sound reduction. 

These include absorption, dampening, decoupling, distance, and adding mass. 

Soundproof wallpaper is typically made of some sort of dense foam and falls into the category of reducing sounds by absorption. 

This in no way means that it works like acoustic panels that absorb sound fully. 

In this case, it simply means it reduces the frequency of sounds in the room by a great amount. 

The soft material absorbs the sound as the sound waves travel directly into the soft surface thus reducing its frequency.

Soundproofing wallpaper comes in many layers compared to the traditional one layer wallpaper we know.

 Due to the multiple layers, they can weaken and disrupt sound waves. 

To further block out sounds, they consist of an insulation sheet embedded in the layers.

 In addition to preventing sounds from entering a room, they can also stop sounds from leaving.  

Purchasing a high-quality soundproof wallpaper and covering your entire wall will give you the best results. 

However, they are not suitable if you live in an area where the noise level is extremely high

. In this instance, it may be able to block out some of the sounds but not to the full extent. 

sound absorbing wallpaper up close

Does sound absorbing wallpaper actually work?

You may be thinking that there is no way that materials like PE foam can block out sound waves but you will be pleasantly surprised. 

It is safe to say that this sound absorbing wallpaper works to an extent.

 In any form of soundproofing, walls included, layers play the most important part no matter the material.

 Multiple layers of material can break up sound waves as they travel through them.

Sound absorbing wallpaper comes in layers and blocks out low and mid-range noise levels for a quiet environment in your home or office. 

They can also reduce the number of sounds leaving a room. 

This is great for tv rooms, home theatres systems, gaming rooms or music rooms since it keeps sounds in. 

While they are not the best for blocking out high-level noises, they can still reduce the level though not effectively.

Additionally, if a baby or toddler is in the home, these wallpaper can also save them from injuries if they fall or bump into the wall due to their thickness. 

They are also manufactured to meet the required smoke and fire standards to not be a fire hazard. 

They can increase the fire resistance of the particular room they’re in.

Where can you use acoustical wallpaper?

One of the advantages of acoustic wallpaper is that they are versatile and stylish enough to be used in any room of your choosing. 

However, rooms, where there is a lot of steam, should be avoided.

 When steam is present it weakens the adhesive backing of the wallpaper which can start to fall off the wall and looks unappealing. 

On the other hand, rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, and home offices are the perfect place to use these types of paper. 

Available in a plethora of color and design you can get creative and create a space that reflects your personality. 

Express yourself and do so easily since this wallpaper is so simple to install that you can do it yourself. 

bedroom with acoustic wallpaper

What to look for in the best acoustic wallpaper

Research plays an integral role in ensuring you get the best acoustic wallpaper. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

 First off, look for one that is highly recommended and has positive reviews from actual users. 

Choose wallpaper from an established brand since they will have high-quality products guaranteed to last a long time.

 Secondly, check to see the type of material used in construction. 

You need a highly durable material that is safe for use in the home and around kids and pets.

Thirdly, pay attention to the thickness of the foam. 

Moreover, check to see how many layers of protection it provides. 

Take note that the thicker the foam the better it would be able to absorb and break up the sound which creates a quieter environment.

 Fourthly, choose a wallpaper that is easy to apply such as the ones featuring self-adhesive backing. 

These allow you to do it yourself and save some precious time.

 Depending on the thickness of your wallpaper, check to see if scissors are best for cutting or a knife.

 Last but not least, choose one that blends into your decor so you do not have to redecorate your room after installing.

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